Chandeliers in the Kitchen…

If you could only see these in person, you would understand how absolutely gorgeous they are hanging in my kitchen.  I am loving the romantic touch it brings into the room and of course who cant resist the historical touch of such pieces.  I purchased these when I thought we were going to be expanding our dining area.  As most of you know, that didn’t work out ~ so I had to ‘repurpose’ these beauty’s in a different way. 


The larger chandelier was originally meant for above our kitchen island and the two smaller ones were to hang over a beautiful farmhouse table. If you want to see what was there before ~ click here and here.  I am selling my previous lighting pieces if anyone out there is interested ~ just message me here.


I have to share these up-close photo’s with you so you can see the pretty vintage details…it makes the room so much brighter too!


Thanks so much for coming over to see my new chandeliers!  Hope you are having a great week! To see where else I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie

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pballard said…
Love them. Beautiful! I have a little pink one I think you inspired me to get it hung today! Have a wonderful day!
Abby said…
They are so pretty!
Oh my, these are absolutley stunning. I love them all. Hugs, Marty
Faded Charm said…
Love them and they look perfect in your kitchen! You can never go wrong with chandeliers:-)

Curious how you electrified them if there wasn't a current outlet in the ceiling?? I'd love to put one above the table/island in my kitchen.

Linda said…
I love them!! Linda
Rachel Uchizono said…
I am a firm believer in chandeliers in every room possible! You cannot have too many chandeliers.
They look beautiful!
Cynthia said…
BEAUTIFUL, I am such a chandelier person. In the new house I am going to use them often. Take a visit and see the house slowly in the process, due to the weather in NJ.

So beautiful!! Love them!
Kathy Olson said…
Oh, I love bling in the kitchen! We have a PB chandelier over our island in our kitchen and I have loved it since Day 1!
Anonymous said…
Thank you again Tracie for purchasing these chandeliers from my Etsy shop, VintagetownUSA. I am so happy I was able to customize them to fit your needs, they look gorgeous! Dawn
Anonymous said…
They are gorgeous and look great in your kitchen. I saw them on The Scoop link party. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey
Unknown said…
I just found the blog, it is absolutely beautiful, so many great ideas.
Have a great day
Unknown said…
I had 2 fixtures put in the ceiling to do this with - and everyone told me it would be too much- WOW - are they wrong - saving this to show everyone! Just GORGEOUS !!!!!!
Patty Rumaker said…
They are gorgeous! Great details!
Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design
Gorgeous! I would love to get a couple of chandeliers in my kitchen!
Ooh those look wonderful! Love your kitchen dining area! That tall hutch is awesome and I love the dining table centerpiece!

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