Its been a little over a year since I lost my friend Ashley Trenner to Melanoma.  Losing a friend like Ashley has impacted my soul in ways that I wish I knew how to put into words for you. She continues to be such an inspiration to me everyday. So much of my memories and conversations with her are treasured and very personal – but one commitment I have not kept quiet about is Ashley’s wish to save lives.  This wish came true on March 27, 2014 – Governor Jay Inslee signed Bill 6065 banning anyone under the age of 18 to use tanning beds here in Washington State.


If you are not familiar with Ashley’s story – King 5 did a wonderful update on Ashley’s story last night please click here to view or click on her photo below!


Many more states still need to do this too! So keep sharing her story with your friends and family!  Ashley left us all a beautiful gift that needs to be heard! xoox, tracie


Pamela Gordon said…
That is good news to hear Tracie. I think it was made law here in Canada or our province too, for age 16 and under. My brother has had 3 surgeries for malignant melanoma over the past 18 years and, thankfully, is still with us. He is fair haired and skinned and was very blonde when he was young. He got some of the worst sunburns as a kid as that was before sunscreen was used much and the knowledge wasn't out there. We all need to be sun safe.
So happy that this bill was passed, also in Ontario. Never mind the damage of tanning beds, Pam has said it all for those of us that grew up without sunscreen or awareness. I'm a strawberry blonde with fair skin and I remember looking like a lobster many, many times. So far I've only had one mole removed.
Thank you for blogging about Ashley again so we can remember this beautiful friend of yours.
pballard said…
I have followed her story through you. So happy the bill passed. I am sharing this to my friends and family.. Thanks so much for continuing to share her story.
acorn hollow said…
So happy your bill passed and a great way to carry on her memory
I'd like to see that bill passed everywhere. I'm sure Ashley would be thrilled about it. Such a tragedy to see someone's life wiped out this way. So sorry for your loss- glad to know there is one more positive step in this field of cancer prevention and awareness.
Hi Tracie. I followed along with you when you posted Ashley's journey, never imagining I would be facing a similar one with someone I loved. We lost our nephew, a young man probably around the same age as Ashley, from melanoma just before Christmas last year. I am so thankful for the work you have done and appreciate all your time spent on passing the bill. We all need to be aware of the horrible outcome of what tanning does. Not only artificial means but just from being out on a beautiful sunny day without using protection. Thank you again, Tracie..Judy
Unknown said…
OMG...congratulations! Amazing! Well all must be SO proud! Ashley is smiling down for sure. Keep up the good're saving lives one by one in Ashley's memory. AWESOME!

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