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I had so much fun painting the kitchen hutch and the shutters a few weeks ago, that I really looked forward to another another Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan project!" Now that I am working on the Master Bedroom Sitting Room, it was decided that another piece of furniture could use a makeover!  The Bookshelf that has been in the sitting room area has really been a clutter of collector.  Giving this piece a makeover and making it more of a centerpiece of the Master Bedroom décor might just help with a more manageable and organized focal point. 
Here is the bookshelf at the beginning of this process! 
flowerI decided to use this color mixing tool and thought it would be fun to customize my piece to something I could only visualize in this photo of the flowers ~ 
colorAfter playing with the mixing tool, the color I chose to customize my paint color was this – It was a combination of White, Henrietta and Paris Grey, all Chalk Paint® colors!
IMG_1227Pretty, right?  I anxiously awaited the arrival of my paint. Of course when it arrived, I cancelled my plans to see my new shelf progress the next day. Mixing the colors to the pretty combination in a separate container and began to paint the bookshelf.
IMG_1232Again, like the experience I had last time, my piece needed two coats – here is the what the first coat looked like. 

And afterwards – here it is!  As much as I LOVED the way it turned out…and seeing it in the Master Bedroom Sitting Nook ~ the different lighting that came and went throughout the day while the paint dried this piece became quite ‘loud’ in the room.  The yellow hue in the walls and the vintage book paper wall in the room clashed with the new color of the bookshelf.  I had knots in my tummy while I fell asleep that night. 
When I woke up the next morning, I realized ~ the great thing about paint is you can always paint over it!  So that is what I did!  Using “Old White” I repainted this bookshelf with two coats (this photo was taken after the application of the first coat)! It turned out much more neutral for the room and I was pleased with the results!
IMG_1317Once the second coat dried completely, I used Soft Wax “Clear”.
IMG_1319Making sure to get all the crannies of the bookshelf piece and then wiping it down with a cloth. 
I am writing this post while I await the wax to cure so that I can decorate the shelf with pieces that suit the space.  IMG_1324
I still need to find the right knobs to add to the bottom drawer! What do you think?  Are you as excited as I am to see how everything looks once it’s put together? 
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It looks great ... good thing you like it after all that painting! The paint certainly updated the bookcase, and I know you're going to do an amazing job of setting up those shelves. Wendy x
Pamela Gordon said…
Oh, you must have been so disappointed after the first painting of it. The old white is perfect though and you'll have fun decorating it.
Unknown said…
oh wow...GORGEOUS! love the transformation...SO beautiful! I cant wait to see what you fill it with AND the rest of the space....;)
Faded Charm said…
Love how this turned out, Tracie! Are you glad you decided to paint it?

May is coming up fast...can't wait to finally meet you in person:-)

Have a great week!

It looks so pretty! Love Annie Sloan paint! xoxo
You did such a great job on that bookshelf, I love the final result! I've never used chalk paint and now I'm itching to try it. xo Jonni xo
Bravo for going the extra mile and re-painting it! Some of us (ahem, I mean me) might have left it the first color out of sheer laziness. I didn't think it was bad, by the way...:) It really looks great, and the best part is that you're happy! Congrats. xoKathleen
Seawashed said…
I do not think you can ever go wrong with white. I love ASCP pure white but need to try the old white. Its too bad you wasted all that paint on making the lavender color. The white is sooooo much better.
Well done- it looks great.

Boy, in a stark white Frenchie sort of room the original lilac colour would have been perfect.....but your new "right" colour is awesome in your space.

Love it. You are going to have SO much fun filling that wonderful case with your pretty and special treasures!

Thank you so much for sharing that paint mixer thing--that is awesome! I always think everything looks better white--so I do enjoy some color once in awhile :) Glad it is the way you like it now :)
It looks quite nice! What a big job especially since you've had to paint it twice. I guess I'd pick the knobs that would look good with whatever else is in the room? A basic porcelain knob might be the trick!
Sue said…
I think I told you, we've been selling the Chalk Paint at my store for the past two or three years. And never, ever have I seen anything so, so popular. I can't believe how much of the Chalk Paint we sell her at Country Roads! It truly is an amazing product. . .

Take care,
Tracie, I love it! The white is so fresh and clean. Don't you love working with chalk paint?
This so much prettier than the before photo. It always amazes me what paint can do! You're going to have so much fun decorating those shelves.
Pam said…
That looks amazing. A little love and paint can do wonders.
Sarah said…
Beautiful transformation, Tracie. Can't wait to see what you put on these shelves.
Unknown said…
It's beautiful and I can't wait to see how you decorate it!
Unknown said…
It looks great! Is the color white also chalk paint? Please let me know, thank you.

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