Vintage Garbage…

Lets talk trash…here at Fishtail Cottage ~ our kitchen garbage can has always been fancy…you know the kind you wave your knee in front of when you have a handful of garbage to dump? Battery operated so it automatically opens for you so you don’t have to try very hard to toss something in?  When the automatic door doesn’t open fast enough for you, there is a foot press that you can simply step on to magically open. I know ~ fancy fancy!  Well the problem with those fancy garbage cans is that it’s easy to miss the garbage can for some reason and/or over fill it ~ or maybe it’s just my family?  You certainly can’t clean it real good because of the electrical parts that can’t get wet… that said, when I was out thrifting recently I came upon this beautiful creation – a good 'ol fashion garbage can – the kind you have to lift the lid off yourself and if it gets dirty, well ~ I can hose it out!  Unbelievable, right?
its even got rust and paint splatter on the lid…
Can you believe that my kids complained how ‘gross’ this one is? I just laughed! Apparently they didn’t notice the amount of ‘utter filth’ in the crevices of the old one. To see where else I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie
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Julie Marie said…
Oh Tracie, you are too cute... talkin' trash!... those are the kinds of cans we still use!... I have have a small one half that size that I keep my potting soil in... you are much younger than me, but those are what we always had when I was a little girl too... and on garbage day you carried the can out to the road to get picked up... no automated garbage trucks back then... just guys jumping out of the truck and emptying the can... I think it looks great!... and that's my bit of "talkin" trash" for today!... xoxo Julie Marie
Faded Charm said…
It's the simple things in life, isn't it...haha! I have an old galvanized can with a lid similar to this that we use for garbage when we are entertaining outside and a small one in the Garden House to hold all the garbage out there.

Hope the sun is shining on you today:-)

Tracie I love it...looks like the perfect size too!!
I have seen those painted and in kitchen and they look good,
Maybe paint the bottom however the lid is so today, RUST
Electric garbage cans?! I guess I'm really behind the times. I felt "really fancy" with a stainless steel can that now has a dented lid from the weight of the watering can (full of water)we have to keep on top so that the dog doesn't tip up the lid with his snout and steal meat wrappers from inside :) Oh, and we have one of the lidded galvanized cans in the basement for my husband's woodworking garbage ... it's ancient and even has a big swinging handle like a bucket to make carrying the garbage to the curb easier. Your can is awesome, and your kids should consider themselves lucky to have such splendor in their home ;) Wendy x
Oh my gosh...I can totally relate to the electronic automatic trash can! We have one too and the lid decided to stop working. When you try to open it manually, the motor snaps it back shut on you and the trash misses every time - too funny!

I love your beautiful "new" one. It's simply lovely and I'd trade my automatic one any day for it!

Great find!

I guess "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is true in this case for your children. I'm appreciating the shape of this trash can and you know it'll hold up to years of use. Thanks for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday on Organized 31.

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