“The Paint Brush” Cover Giveaway!

As you know, I’ve tackled a few amazing paint projects lately!  I’ve truly enjoyed challenging myself with the process.  But I was lucky enough to have a fabulous little accessory to help me during the process!  “the Paint Brush cover”…
I am super excited to share with you my personal experience using this product, as well as the thoughts of a professional painter.
I recently used it for the foam craft brush that I used while painting the bookshelf for my sitting room.  It kept the foam clean and in place while I waited to give my piece of furniture a second coat.  I know that these little brushes from Michaels are inexpensive and can be thrown out and replaced, but if you knew you could easily save it and continue using it – wouldn’t you do so? the foam around where the handle is placed keeps the brush in place, the paint was still wet the next day!
I was able to use the brush again which was pretty awesome.  And because the storage container of “the Paint Brush cover” is plastic, the remnants from the paint just washed right off.
So I was anxious to hear what my friend Mike thought about “the Paint Brush cover” for tougher and larger projects – he paints both the exterior and interior of homes. IMG_1257Going thru paintbrushes is something he does regularly because he can’t allow them to dry out.  If they do, they are thrown out and this can become expensive.  He was adamant that I would owe him a new paint brush if this didn’t wok for him.  He was willing to give it a try and was curious to see if it really worked!
He was impressed by the way the foam that wrapped the brush handle ~ he said it was a good thing that it fit snug.  He told me he’d leave it in “the Paint Brush cover” over the weekend and get back to me. 
The weekend came and went and I just texted him a reminder to let me know his thoughts so I can share with all of you.  This was his reply “It worked good. Still wet. I would definitely keep a couple around to use with my wet brushes my future painting projects”.
I love that you can use this for small crafty projects as well as large house projects!  Highly recommend this accessory to anyone that picks up a painting brush! These retail for $4.99 each or 3 for $12.99.
So now that you’ve read my review, I’ll bet you want to try one out too!  Please enter the giveaway for “the Paint Brush cover” by simply commenting using the guidelines below.
1. Be a follower of Fishtail Cottage’s blog
4. Let me know what project you would use “the Paint Brush cover” for.
5. Share this giveaway on your Blog, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Each share counts as an entry so make sure to let me know!
The lucky winner will be announced  4/11/14 ~ thanks so much for entering!
xoox, tracie


Unknown said…
I would use the cover while I am painting different items for my daughter's wedding. I have always just put my brush in a plastic bag and put in the frig, but this would be so much better. Thank you for the giveaway.
I would definitely use this. I always wrap my wet brush in saran wrap but this would be better. I could reuse it. Thanks for the opportunity to win.
bobbie said…
Tracie ~ I have a friend who does faux art for a living ~ this would make a great gift for her {if I don't keep it for myself!!}
Thanks for the chance ~
Isn't this a handy gadget, beats using a plastic bag or some cling film.
I'll be getting into some repainting of garden art in the next few weeks and I could use the cover for one of these projects.
I follow your blog and love your gardens.
chateau chic said…
This is very handy when painting anything, large or small! I would definitely get a lot of use out of this.
Mary Alice
deb said…
You don't have to say giveaway to me twice! Here I am!! How cool is this Paint Brush Cover!! I would use it for whatever project I'm currently painting. So handy, I love it!!
deb said…
Oh and I'm a follower of your blog :)
deb said…
I've followed the Paint Brush Cover on FB and Twitter
HeatherF1 said…
I'm a follower of your blog, and following Paint Brush Cover on Facebook!
acorn hollow said…
I would love to win this! I am watching it on shark tank right now.
Heaven's Walk said…
Soooooo funny, Tracie!!!! I was just watching "Shark Tank", and these guys are on there right now!!!!! lolol I kept thinking, "What a great product! Genius!" It would be so much nicer to use these than Cling wrap all the time. Thanks for letting me know about your sweet giveaway!! :)

xoxo laurie
Heaven's Walk said…
I'm a happy follower of yours!!! :)

xoxo laurie
Heaven's Walk said…
I don't Tweet, but I could REALLY use a few of these babies!!! I'm working on a painted wood project right now for my living room - and yep - you guessed it. My paintbrushes are wrapped in Cling wrap and sitting in the garage frig. Since I'm always painting something around here, these would come in really handy! :)

xoxo laurie
I'd use it in the garage where I do all my paint projects!
Faded Charm said…
I'm thinking one of these would come in so handy, especially today since I spent most of it painting some furniture and outdoor items. My brush was so "used" by the end it just had to go to the garbage, but these sound wonderful!

Thanks for the opportunity:-)

Veronica Roth said…
Hi Tracie, thank you for the invite. Unfortunately, I'm not sure this gadget would be right for me. I'm an artists and use various brushes and paints almost every day, and have a habit of cleaning when I leave the studio for the day. I'm sure this is a very good product and would benefit loads of people though. Hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start. I'll check in more often and see what you're up to.
I'm always painting something!
Sylvia said…
Hi Traci, I love this new paint brush cover, it sure will save a lot of brushes and neat too, I usually wrap mine in foil and put it in the freezer, this will work much better. I am following Fishtail Cottage and The Paint Brush Cover on Facebook.
Jenny said…
I'd use this right now! I'm painting my kitchen cabinets but then I'll be moving to the walls, next my living room ceiling & walls & on from there.
Jenny said…
I follow your blog through feedly.
B Kluver said…
I would use the Paint Brush Cover all the time! I love to repurpose furniture so I am always painting something! I have also been working on my new art studio so I am painting several different pieces for storage and work space.
I saw this on Shark Tank just last night! I was thinking to myself I should get one!
Thanks for your great giveaway! I followed all of the steps and shared it to FB!
Debbie said…
I would love to use one of those it sounds like it would work better then the plastic bag method put in the refrigerator method I currently use. I could even come and pick it up and see your beautiful home too in person, remember I was the one who was going to a baby shower at your neighbors and happened upon your home and new I had seen it in blog land.
Kathi said…
Hi Tracie. Thinking the new paint brush cover would def get a workout at our house soon. Mst bdrm redec coming up soon. I recently found some pretty rose stacking boxes that are gonna look great in the room with antique pics from my grandparents estate. Remember them? I have them stuffed full already!
Thanks for the chance on this. And thanks for always sharing your beautiful home and garden. Kathi
Kathi said…
P.S. Posted a following on Facebook. Have Twitter on my IPhone but not IPad yet. Not sure how to post yet. I'm not "Twitter technical" yet. Lol.
Hi I think that this paint brush cover is a great idea!
Julie at Julie's Lifestyle
peggy said…
hi Tracie, thanks for reminding me. I think this is a great idea, I have no doubt it will work well and the price is good too. Maybe it will inspire me to get to work on my peeley paint garage. Did the FB and Twitter too. Thanks again.

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