Fishtail Cottage’s Garden 5/20/14

My Iris’s both Bearded and Siberian have appeared this week.  I’m sad that not very many of the bearded Iris bloomed this year.  I have had so many colors purchased and placed throughout the garden, but these photographed in this post are the only ones that appeared this year.  Any suggestions of what might help next years blooms ~ I’d certainly appreciate it!
I think the garden is teasing me with so many buds almost open ~ every day I wake up and look outside in hopes today will be the day to share with you, but so far A few Roses (all fragrant) appeared this week. Along just a few of our Peonies.
A new introduction to my Secret Garden landscape is a gorgeous Bihou Maple.  When I was out taking photo’s of the garden today, I found it hidden beneath peonies, heuchra and foxglove.  Too funny that this is smaller than my other perennials. But just you wait, soon enough it will be a glorious centerpiece of that part of the landscape.
Still lingering everywhere are bleeding hearts…once again, I just can’t have enough of these pretty flowers.  Making their first appearances is Sweet William, Oriental Poppy, Onion blooms, and Rock Roses. 
Thank you for checking out what is blooming here at Fishtail Cottage this week.  I can’t possibly post every single photo – so if you want to see more garden photo’s, please check out my Facebook page! I hope to see you all at this weeks Garden Party! xoxo, tracie


Bernideen said…
Your garden is looking stunning!
Pamela Gordon said…
I enjoyed seeing your beautiful garden flowers. Do your iris need to be divided? I know mine went through a phase a couple years ago so I cleaned them out a bit and got rid of some. Just a thought. :)
linda said…
Your flowers are beautiful. :)
Your Irises are so beautiful and your photos are so gorgeous.
I love (Dihantus barbatus), they will probably bloom in a few weeks!

Eva Jorunn
So many pretty blooms / such a lovely variety :)
Gorgeous! Even though some things didn't bloom for you. I planted 35 tulips two years ago and about 5 bloomed this year. Not one of my 3 lilac bushes even budded. What is going on the world?!
Your iris are gorgeous. I'm not an expert on growing them but I think one thing that helps is to plant them separately. They don't do as well in a mixed border. I have a feeling that sunshine and warmth need to get all the say down to the tuber. Hopefully next year will be better. ... Your roses and peonies are just fabulous. Happy gardening!
Anita said…
Oh yes, what gorgeous iris you have! I just joined your garden party and will now try too pass by all the other Blogs, too.
Happy gardening to you!
Gorgeous Tracie. I've been busy so haven't linked because I wouldn't have time to visit other posts.
If we get a rainy day, I might catch up inside. :-)
Marsha said…
Stunning! So much beautiful color to enjoy.
Larry said…
Your irises are splendid as is your photography Tracie! Such a wonderful garden... absolute perfection!
Unknown said…
This is so pretty! Thanks for sharing it at this week's Home Sweet Garden Party!
Kathy said…
Your flowers are wonderful, Tracie - LOVE the dainty Iris! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,
OMGosh the purple flowers are divine!

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