Potting Bench

The last time I shared about my Potting Bench was when it first found a place in my garden landscape.  If you missed that post and would like to peek at it, click here. I think now that I have had it a couple years, I’ve learned what is necessary to keep close by the Potting Bench during the summer months. I try to keep it tidy and free of clutter so that this piece is always available for use. I don’t leave out any boxed fertilizers and because of the moisture here in Seattle.  That said, this still is a great ‘go-to’ spot that I use when I’m working in the garden. 


There is so much to love about this Potting Bench ~ but really its how functional it is for me in the garden. A great feature about this piece is the roofing allows most of the rain to roll right off the top.  It also keeps the galvanized top protected from dirt and debris. I also love that we put the salvaged brick underneath ~ the brick makes for a great work space for standing on.


This Potting Bench has great storage spaces for items that are okay to get wet now and then. I keep my extra pots on the shelves along with storing a few tools and garden gadgets in the wire baskets. I also keep a pair of gloves and a few other necessities in a container for dry storage.


I keep landscape soil in this vintage garbage can for when I’m putting a new garden plant in the landscape.  I have a larger one too, but  I have found that I can easily lift and carry this one to the planting spot has been a perfect tool for gardening.


Another handy tool to keep nearby is this old garden rake ~ it’s easy to smooth out the dirt after planting something new in the garden.


The charm of the chippy paint and porcelain drawer knobs make this old dresser fun to have in the garden as well. A patina you can’t duplicate with modern pieces.  I use the drawers for storing potting soil during the summer months.


Keeping essential gardening tools, markers and stakes are a must have when planting garden starts.


Just next to the Potting Bench, I hammered a couple nails into the fence for drying flowers…dresses up this spot with some color!


What do you think?  Any additions that I haven’t thought of…?



Thanks for coming to take a look at my Potting Bench today!  Hope you are enjoying some sunshine and gardening time too! xoox, tracie


Junkchiccottage said…
Swooning over your potting bench. What a great space and bench. Love it.
Unknown said…
This is a great post! I have a potting bench too and I am going to find an old garbage can for my potting soil!! Thanks for this idea!!

Happy Gardening!
Little Bitty Damn Houze!
Pondside said…
I'm sending these photos to my husband - thinking I'll need a new potting table when we move and I love what you've done here. We have the same moisture issues up here on Vancouver Island, and I love the little roof over your table.
Oh, how I LOVE this!!! Mine is plain and simple and could use some improvements. I love your ideas! :)
~ Lin
chateau chic said…
What a fabulous potting bench! Not only is it so functional, but it has a great look.
Mary Alice
Love - love everything you have done to your charming potting bench - the roof is wonderful and so handy to have the bricks to stand on. Great way to add more color by hanging flowers to dry.
A cute sign that says potting bench or potting shed would be a cute addition for the future!
Have fun in your garden.
bobbie said…
The only thing you might want to add is a cloth to help me clean up my drooling!
It is perfect!
Amy Chalmers said…
Great potting bench~! I love the roof and all the ways you are using the drawers for dirt etc. How about adding a sink? Drill a hole in the wood top and then have a way to hook a garden hose to supply the water up to it and have it drain into a barrel underneath. It could be fun to have a washing up and watering station.
Sister Patty said…
Great potting bench!
What a wonderful potting bench! I love all of it's chippiness.
Elizabeth said…
Just found your blog on instagram. I love your potting bench and your garden! Thanks for the inspiration.
Unknown said…
saw it on instagram! this is SO sweet! i just adore it! sigh...;)
peggy said…
Tracie, I so love it!!!
Love it!! I need all of that. I am copying that. Di
Fabulous potting bench, Tracie. I bet it brings you lots of pleasure as you putter. The vintage garden tools look a lot like mine. Don't you just love old stuff. Great post.
Love that chippy paint and that tin roof! xo Kathleen
Love that chippy paint and that tin roof! xo Kathleen
My Cozy Casita said…
So lovely your potting bench, I am going to do the same as you do with the roof on my potting bench we have a rains weather in Florida on summer time.
I enjoy my so much like you do with your.

acorn hollow said…
It is so lovely to have a spot to keep your gardening things.
you have made it just perfect I think.
I love that your potting bench is totally adorable and functional! And that roof is awesome!
awal.ny said…
It is just perfect for potting up flowers. Love all the details. Alaina
This is a great bench, so cute and useful. I never thought of storing potting soil in a dresser but it's a genius idea!
xo Jonni xo
It's gorgeous! LOve the awnings over it and the galvanized top...too SWEET!! everything at your garden glove tips~~~dirt in the drawer, pots and vintage garbage can...perfect one of a kind design! I will be working/and updating mine after we move to the cottage~~~Blessings~~~Roxie
Jamala said…
that is just perfect!! I love it..
I am swooning over your potting bench!! It is so adorable. I love the vintage pieces you have added to it and the brick below. The chippy drawers are so perfect. Love it!!!

Unknown said…
It's gorgeous and looks like you haven't missed a beat with it!!
Do you have water linked up to it? That's the next thing on my list for the potting bench at our house.
I love your potting bench! We've got an old trellis that has kind of fallen apart, but the pieces would make a great frame for a potting bench. I will have to show the hubby. Thanks for the inspiration!
Love your potting table. You have everything you need for your beautiful garden!
Unknown said…
This is one fantastic potting bench my friend. My favorite part is the roof! It reminds me of one I saw at U Village a few years ago. I hate to admit but I am a wee bit jealous!
Pinning for future reference and to see if I can altar my boring little ol' potting bench.
Jennelise said…
How absolutely lovely! You are definitely more organized in your gardening than I am :)
Sarah said…
Yes, yes, yes! So much to love about your bench.
Love it...so pretty / everything about it is perfect :)
I love the charm of this! Mine is in the garage which isn't terribly convenient. I'd add a stool to set on and be out there having a cold glass of tea, coffee or something while pondering my next moves in the garden!! Maybe a cute apron too!
Pamela said…
I just adore your potting bench! I am not much of a green thumb but I would still love to have one someday. Thanx for partying at THT!
Pamela said…
Tracie when you get a moment could you please add a link to the party...pretty please!:)
Oh my gosh this is one of my favorites so far! Wish I had seen yours before making mine. Love the tin roof and the color of the bench. I especially love the idea of using drawers to hold the dirt - so smart.
Marie@The Interior Frugalista
I adore this. I am totally on the hunt now for an old window awning. Such a good idea! We get a lot of rain here in Detroit, too. Did you know we have more rainfall than Seattle? Crazy. I know. I'll let you know when I have completely duplicated your wonderful potting bench!
Love it Tracie! I have one that a neighbor built for me years ago. Not nearly as unique as yours, but handy. I recently found a little garbage can like that and put it by my bench. I keep my soil in an oval galvanized boiler pan, but I can see that this would work great. Thanks for sharing it with SYC.
Gorgeous! I'd like to feature this post at Tuesdays with a Twist tomorrow! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures
Debra said…
What a cute bench, I really love this. I will be featuring this post tomorrow on Tuesday's with a Twist on my blog, please stop by for a peek and grab a button. Thanks again for sharing! :-)
Unknown said…
How awesome is the awning! Wow girl....Thanks for sharing it at this week's Home Sweet Garden Party! You are on of this weeks featured posts! This weeks party will start at 4 pm today! {www.creativecountrymom.com} Hope you can join us again this week too! Hugs...Brooke

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