Secret Garden 2014

The Secret Garden is in full bloom mode this week! Actually this part of the landscape is planted for continuous blooms all summer long…As you turn the corner from our open grass area you will find an arbor with a climbing Colette Rose welcoming you to the cement stairway on the other side of the arbor is a gorgeous clematis that isn’t quite blooming yet. 

IMG_3555IMG_3562023 (23)

Once you enter, you can’t help but notice the gorgeous blooms of the climbing rose that abundantly coats the extremely tall bird house.


This yellow climber was planted in memory of a family of ducklings that showed up here in the spring of 2009.  Was a wonderful but in the end a very tragic experience for us…planting this rose honoring them and their little lives, was very helpful for my children.


The pathway was something my dad and I did together in 2011.  Using scalloped cement boarders and filling the extra wide walkway with larger sized gravel rocks.  Lining the boarder is dwarf boxwood that is growing nicely and someday will form a hedge.  While I await the vision, I have several colors of English Bluebells that grow ~ which gives a little color in the early spring time.


Just behind the dwarf boxwood is a row of different varieties of bleeding hearts, Jack Frost, hosta’s and heuchra. The combination of these two plant make an excellent choice of whimsical texture as you walk the path. 


The middle section plantings consist of iris, peonies and roses which who can ever get enough of these?


Along the fence line are arborvitaes and planted just in front of those are plants like Astilbe, Spirea, hydrangeas, silver sward azalea and day lily’s.


I have taken hundreds of photo’s of this section and I just cannot find a photograph that does this part of the garden justice.  You all will just have to come visit the garden and see it for yourself!


I have so many plantings that are allowed to go to seed in this area, which make amazing fillers ~ plants like Bell Flowers, Foxglove, Jacobs ladder, Columbine, Sweet William, Holly Hock, Alyssum, Strawberries, Creeping Jenny,  Silene Uniflora ‘Druett’s Variegated’, Sandwort, and too many bulbs to count…, I’m sure I am forgetting a few, but as they bloom ~ you know I’ll be sharing photos!

IMG_3567IMG_3570IMG_3575IMG_3569IMG_3566012 (24)IMG_2328IMG_3775IMG_3996IMG_3988IMG_3998IMG_1887IMG_1478024 (5)

I recently planted this gorgeous Bihou Maple tree that will someday tower over all of these plants and give them a little afternoon shade…I can’t wait to see it grow!


On the other side of the path (closest to the house, I have a mirrored effect of plantings…although because it’s more shaded, I have lilacs, weigela, camellia and viburnum.


Here is a another view coming through the gate!


Also, here is the link to the Potting Bench that also resides in this space…click here if you missed that post! Hope to see you at this weeks garden party! Can’t wait to see this weeks party links! xoox, tracie


Unknown said…
OH my!!! MY mouth is still hanging opened. How beautiful is this??!! Can yup come do mine please? :D
I am in luv with your gardens... I truly am. Beautiful!
Phillip Oliver said…
Beautiful, I love it!
I just love visiting your gardens! You have such a wonderful collection of blooms and tons of character and charm! Just lovely!
Junkchiccottage said…
I am swooning over your gardens. Just gorgeous every inch of it. Like Heaven on Earth. Beautiful.
Sarah said…
Oh, my. This garden is incredible. How do you do it all? Thanks for the tour.
acorn hollow said…
Your garden is spell binding I had to go back and look several times
acorn hollow said…
Your garden is spell binding I had to go back and look several times
CIELO said…
Beautiful... it inspires me to keep working hard on my newly established garden... thank you.

June said…
It so beautiful! It must be a joy to tend. I think Colette is my favorite rose in my garden and yours is gorgeous!
Terra said…
Your flowers are a joyful shout to the world, and your vision of what is in your garden already, and your plans for the future, are exciting.
You have a dream of a garden.
Your garden look lovely. Busknelliken (Dihantus Barbatus) is so gorgeous, I planted some last year and they are blooming this year.
Thanks for hosting!
Larry said…
This is absolutely brilliant! Beautifully executed and totally charming!!
Beth said…
I love the secret garden concept! So beautiful!
You have a beautiful garden, and I see that your dad helped you. I am your newest follower by email, and look forward to browsing your lovely blog.
You have a beautiful garden, and I see that your dad helped you. I am your newest follower by email, and look forward to browsing your lovely blog.
Prairie Charm said…
So much beauty in your garden! I love it... Alexandra
Fantastic! You've definitely created a intriguing secret garden. All the details like the tall bird house make it so special. Too bad about the little ducklings- I can only imagine what happened :-( I especially like the colorful blend of all those blooming perennials- I wish my back yard had more sun so I could plant more things like that!
Bernideen said…
When I saw those evergreens - oh my! I love that look as it is very English. I was at Home Depot and almost bought some but they were $50.00 each and I thought I needed 6 of them so I backed off. Your garden looks amazing and represents a lot of labor - very charming!
The Chic Peach said…
Your garden is so lovely and well planned. You can just feel the exuberance by looking at the photos. Can only imagine how much better it must be in person. Am experiencing garden envy as we are living in a house renovation and won't be able to start a garden until next year. Will live vicariously with your photos to sustain me until I can start planting. Thank you for sharing.
Pam said…
Wow, absolutely stunning. This is my dream! Stopped by from the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. So nice to find your pretty blog. I'm a new follower.
Wow....the garden is stunning! I am loving all of it...all that hard work is totally paying off!
absolutely beautiful. I think all us gardeners dream of a garden like that one
absolutely beautiful. I think all us gardeners dream of a garden like that one
Hi your garden and flowers are really beautiful and I love it. Thanks for showing us. I saw it at katherines party!
Tracie, this is so beautiful! I have been wanting to use rock like that in my secret wonderful to see how it looks! I can't wait to do it now! Your garden is so inspiring!
Tracie, your garden is absolutely gorgeous! At first I thought it was a park :) Have a great weekend. And, thanks for hosting.
There is nothing ugly about those ducklings...or that garden either! What an inspiration!!!
Your beautiful garden is such a joy to see. I think it is so sweet that you planted a flower in remembrance of the sweet ducklings lost. Thank you for sharing your sweet blog at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. Watch for your feature on Monday ♥
Marsha said…
Your garden is just gorgeous! I especially love all those varieties that you let go to seed. I can never get foxglove to last more than one season here.
Jeanette said…
Oh, SO PRETTY! I am so glad I found you on The Dedicated House link up! I am going to look back at some of your other posts and will definitely be following along from now on!
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm a new follower too but how do I follow you with Google? I don't see the follow button on your page. Maybe I need to look around more. I'm adding your blog to my sidebar reading list.

You have one of the most beautiful cottage garden I've ever seen! I love the garden party, I'll link my blog. I'm hoping someday my garden will be lush, colorful, filled with cottage flowers and vegetables. Thank you for posting such lovely photos. Have a great weekend! :)
Never mind, I found the follow button on the bottom of your page! My Internet connection is super slow. Been also having issues with pages not loading up completely and having to keep reconnecting online. I'm a follower here. So happy to find a great blog yay!
It's no secret that this garden is amazing! Oh how I would love to see it in person!! So many of the flowers that I love. Thanks for sharing it with SYC.
Fabulous. I bet you get a lot of cut flowers from your secret garden to bring inside. I just got another hibiscus. I'm hoping I can get this one to stay alive. Last winter was brutal on my old one.
Carole West said…
Love this post - great idea and so much storage space available - I featured this over at Tuesdays with a twist at GardenUp green. Have a great day - Carole
This beautiful post is being featured on my blog today as part of Tuesdays with a Twist blog hop! If you get a chance (& if you want to) please stop by & grab a featured button:
trishie said…
Just stunning! Now I have garden envy.
I just love your garden! Very pretty with the rose climbing the birdhouse.

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