Seed Storage!

After Christmas, I shared with you about the gift from my husband of the garden house…do you remember? If you don’t, here is the link. In that post, I showed you photo’s of a few gathered items that I think will be put to use in my Garden House.  These sweet little galvanized dividers – probably intended for office supplies, however when I saw them, my mind thought – SEEDS! Last week, I was at the dollar store and picked up quite a few seed packets to see how they would look in my containers ~ decided these are pretty darn cute!


We are expecting rain this weekend, so I plan to throw the seeds in the garden then!

You are probably wondering what the deal is with the garden shed, right?  I’ve been exploring my local ideas an options and have finally decided get a spot in line using Bob Bowling Rustics ~ a local artist here in Washington State.  Bob and I are in the process of designing this dream of mine together ~ what I originally wanted was much larger than what I finally decided on.  I really wanted the look of a garden house that has been placed in my garden for years ~ something “tucked in”. Here is a photo of where the house will go – you can see where the stakes are ~ right in the middle of the grass – so this look of being “tucked in” will be hard to achieve as my garden landscape is still so young.

For me, this will be a fun project to focus on over the next couple years and someday it will be just what I wanted. You can only imagine the obsessive ideas that are consuming my head. I’m trying really hard not to start any new landscaping until the house has been delivered and constructed. Although I did order this beautiful climbing tea rose ~ it’s called “Sombreuil”.  I look forward to nurturing in on the patio until it gets placed in its permanent home.

and see these pretty white blooms…? I’m planning ahead, because in another month these won’t be available in the nurseries.  Iceberg Roses, Delphinium and Foxglove and sandwort.  I also plan to dig up a few of my perennials that I already have in the garden and set them aside to plant them in the area as well ~ columbine,
Excited to share the journey of this new addition with you! Hope you are having a great week! Be sure to check out my link to any parties I am joining! xoox, tracie


Mindy said…
Those seed containers are amazing. Galvanized anything gets me every time.

The new structure is going to be amazing. I'm totally envious, but can't WAIT to see it all come together.
bobbie said…
Love the seed packet storage ~ and I have NO doubt your garden will be fabulous once it all comes together!!
Pondside said…
I'll be watching with interest - this is a project after my own heart! I looked at the link and wonder if the builder was at the Seattle Garden Show last year. His work looks very familiar!
I have a pin for Bob Bowling Rustics ~ he does wonderful work! The spot you chose for your Garden House is gorgeous! So happy to be following along...
acorn hollow said…
Your gardens are so lovely I can't wait to see more.
Unknown said…
Great idea for storing seeds. Mine just sit in an old coffee tin wasting away.
I have dreams of a greenhouse/sanctuary someday, too. It's fun to plan for it and, yes, it will probably end up smaller than I'm thinking about! Can't wait to see your progress!!
Junkchiccottage said…
Love the seed storage and I cannot wait to see more of your beautiful garden.
Exciting project! What fun is to pick up the plants for it!
Love the tin boxes for seed storage. I use an old tin box too, but it's not as weathered looking as yours. Can't wait to see the new garden house, my head would be swimming with ideas too! Wendy x
Your garden is lovely as is, can't imagine what other beauty you have in store foe us. Love your new seed containers, perfect!
Unknown said…
What a dream! So happy for you!!
Tracie, the little galvanized containers are perfect! We are in the planning stages of a potting shed also. I am torn between rustic and cottage. I have collected items that I want to use. I have a Dutch door and some old windows. A couple months ago I scored three old porch posts that I hope to incorporate. Hubby wants to help build it, but he needs help. I called the guy who did all the trim work in our basement and he said he would. The hill where we are putting it is slanted so to begin with we need to remove sod and level it. Can't wait to see yours! I lost two gorgeous white Delphiniums this year. Had them for 3-4 years and neither one came back. Boo-hoo!
Looking forward to seeing your project, Tracie! Today we added small gray trap rock to our garden path. It's been edged in limestone block for several years now, but we never added anything for the walkway. It turned out so great...thanks for the inspiration!
Vilt og vakkert said…
Wonderful white flowers ;:OD).
Have a nice weekend!
Love those galvanized drawers for holding seeds! And I can't wait to see your garden house finished, I know it's going to be wonderful!
Laurel Stephens said…
What a fun building project you have going on. It will be fun to see it take shape.
Anita said…
Dear Tracy!
First of all, thanks for hosting the new garden party! I was too late last week and I am pleased to participate this week again wish new Pictures of my roses.

Oh you lucky Girl! You are getting a garden house! That's sounds so fantastic! I'd like to have one one day, too. But I can't decide it's final place in the garden... Maybe I should just get started....

Happy gardening and Keep us posted on the Progress!

Warm wishes from Germany
Exciting times. I can't wait to see your new garden house.

I am a totally gaga for anything galvanized, the older the better. These storage containers are very cool. Good luck with the seeds. Don't forget the slug bait. :)
everything you show is an inspiration & delight :)
Unknown said…
Such a cute way to store and display your seeds!
Love your photos and looking forward to seeing your garden...
That is a neat container and perfect for the seed storage packets! I bet you can hardly wait to get the garden shed/house built! I bet it's going to be awesome!
Kathy said…
Love them - they're perfect for the seed packets! LOVE your white flowers - you have an amazing garden! I'll have to check out the others! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

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