The Chicken Coop 2014

Over the weekend our Chicken Coop received a makeover.  A much needed coat of white paint and a super a good cleaning. I of course moved some things around which gave this space an update of coop décor! The coop is very close to our patio and so I feel it needs to stay pretty to go along with the rest of the garden landscape.  I love the arbor that welcomes you to this space where the chickens and bunny reside.  Growing on the arbor is a very fragrant Blush Noisette Climbing rose one one side, Terniflora Clamatis (blooms in the fall) and an unnammed rose climbing on the other.


Inside the picket fenced area  was fun to rearrange things ~ the weathervane is still adorable and sits on top of the highest point of the Chicken Coop. The bird houses were left alone although the posts received a fresh coat of paint, as did the tops of the sitting benches. I spray painted an old rusty watering and look forward to the weathered look that I know the summer months will bring to it.  I moved my old wheelbarrow filled with perennials back inside the fenced area so the chickens can snatch any bugs that they see.   


Outside the picket fence “The Coop” sign adorns the gate. I bring it in during the winter months, but I love it displayed during the spring, summer and fall. The pea gravel in this area was there for the play set and works wonderfully to keep everything clean for the chickens and bunny that live here.The bistro set was just fine as it was all it needed a little spray down by the hose and a centerpiece filled with pretty roses! I moved my gorgeous cast iron urns to sit on each side of the gate and filled them with Ice Berg Roses and phlox.  They will need a couple weeks to ‘get happy’ and established.  I moved a garden bench here too for extra seating which has made a welcoming addition to the area. 


Everyone seems pretty happy! Bam Bam the Holland Lop and the all five of our Silkie Hens…named in order of their photo. Pearl, Daisy, Josie, Gizzy and Anna May.


Definitely a gorgeous chicken coop we enjoy here at Fishtail Cottage!


It’s been awhile since I posted about my sweet hens and chicken coop, so thank you for coming over and seeing the update! If you want to see the original post to where we started click here ~ it’s fun to go back and see how our chicken coop has evolved! Hope you are enjoying your week! I look forward to seeing your garden posts at this weeks Garden Party! Be sure to check out my link to any parties I am joining! xoox, tracie


es un jardin precioso lleno de encanto
Unknown said…
:) How pretty it all is. Lucky bunny and chickens.
WE had a beautiful bunny , a black and brown checkered giant. She ran the... eating all the herbs . Miss her.
Indo look forward to peeks at your beautiful garden.
Hugs, Gee
Cindy said…
This is just as pretty as it all can be. Even the chickens match. Love it all...

bobbie said…
I never thought a chicken coop could be so pretty!! And all your 'flock' are so adorable!!
Wow, it all looks so pretty for a chicken coop. Definately a feature for your yard as well. Love it! take care, Maryann
I'm starting from the bottom! Those are the cutest fanciest chickens I've ever seen- and they have adorable names! My daughter has a black Holland Lop bunny and his name is Bam Bam!! I have to show her this post! Their chicken coop is the cutest- a condo heaven! I like the picnic table on the big slabs of stone and of course the bistro is adorable! The wheel barrow is so neat- I'm guessing it's from the late 40's early 50's? Love the arbor and all the plants. (I just showed the wheel barrow to my husband and he said his parents had one just like that when he was a little guy which would have been the early 50's) Everything looks wonderful- you must be so happy!
What a beautiful post--your chickens are so cute! Lovely photos!
omg you got chickens??? the Bunny...where do you keep him? Christine from Little Brags
I haven't seen your chicken coop for awhile and it still looks quite regal for the girls.
Oh my gosh, your place is so darling! I would sit in your garden in a long white dress and write fabulous novels. Even your chickens have it made.
Oh my gosh, your place is so darling! I would sit in your garden and write novels in long white dresses--maybe with a gin and tonic, but that is up for grabs. Even your chickens have it made.
This looks so cute! I love all the details you put together for the chickens (such stylish chickens) and the Most Adorable Bunny on the Planet ;) Our rabbit stays indoors, unless I feel like wrestling his cage to the yard. It looks like you have as much fun decorating the coop as you do just having the critters! Wendy x
I love your chicken coop, the white paint looks beautiful, as do all of the decorations and of course the chickens and rabbit! Very inspiring , I would love to add a small chicken coop to our backyard! :) Thanks for hosting the garden party, it is so enjoyable to see what is growing in everyone's garden!
Custom Comforts said…
What a lovely coop and fenced in area for your girls. Do they actually stay inside the fenced area? Mine run all over my back yard digging up everything and pooping everywhere. They follow me everywhere and dig with me while I'm weeding. They are sweeties, but eat every flower I plant.
It was fun seeing your pretty freshly painted chicken coop, the chickens and rabbit, and reading your post. Your garden flowers and plants are beautiful!
Well this has to be the prettiest chicken coop I've ever seen! The arbor, the white picket fence, the old wheelbarrow, the gorgeous flowers, a sweet bunny and of course the cute chicks ... oh my! I'm totally smitten!
This is great. Your hens live better than some people, lol! Visiting from the Scoop and congrats on your feature. The coop, and its surroundings, is totally adorable.
Rita C at Panoply
Unknown said…
I never would've expected to see this in your pretty city yard! I love it! Now I want to go get some chickens.
The chickens are so cute and I love the coop makeover! Fresh and ever so pretty. I am in total garden mode so you will be featured at SYC this week.

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