A Baby…& a Easy Canvas Prints Giveaway

This upcoming January 2015, our family is expecting a baby girl! We are all so very excited at the idea of a little one in the house again. I am amazed at all of the preparation we are already talking about for this transition in all of our lives. I recently went through our storage and found the kids bassinet from when they were babies. I already have it cleaned and ready for our new little granddaughter!


We just found out last week the gender ~ so pink is our new favorite color. Although when shopping over the weekend, it was interesting to see that the attraction to neutral colors is apparent.  So I’m glad the bassinet will work just perfect for her. 

To mark this special event, pictures were taken by Courtney Irene-Marie Photography a local photographer and friend here in the Seattle area.  She captured so many darling photo’s of the expectant parents with the sonogram. Taking their favorite photo from the photo shoot – I ordered a canvas print through Easy Canvas Prints.  The process was so easy!  The website was extremely user friendly the way it walked me through the ordering process…a few clicks and my order was placed! Within a week our print arrived packaged so nicely on my front door – we couldn’t have asked for an easier experience! Just look at the quality of this canvas print…


It seems that no matter where I placed it in my home, it looks fantastic.


Definitely a keepsake we will cherish forever!


I’ll bet you would love a chance to win a free canvas print from Easy Canvas Prints as well? It’s your lucky day then… Easy Canvas Prints is giving away a print (of your choice) to one of Fishtail Cottage’s loyal readers…


So now that you know how special this print will be for us, I’ll bet you want to order one of your own? Please enter the giveaway for “Easy Canvas Prints” by simply commenting using the guidelines below.

1. Be a follower of Fishtail Cottage’s blog

2. Follow the “Easy Canvas Prints” on Facebook

3. Follow “Easy Canvas Prints” on Twitter

4. Let me know what photo you would upload for your keepsake from “Easy Canvas Prints”.

5. Share this giveaway on your Blog, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Each share counts as an entry so make sure to let me know!

The lucky winner will be announced  9/15/14 (one week from today)~ thanks so much for entering!

xoox, tracie


Anonymous said…
How exciting ... a new baby granddaughter. Your print is lovely and I'm sure when baby arrives you will be ordering many more. I'd love to win a canvas print ... what would I choose ... perhaps our beautiful grandchildren ... maybe our adorable cat ... or maybe one of the gorgeous birds that I love to photograph
That's very exciting news Tracie. Babies bring such joy to everyone's lives.
Mindy said…
Congratulations! That's so exciting.
Pamela Gordon said…
Congratulations on the impending arrival of your granddaughter! So exciting. We just had a new grandson join our family on the 28th. It's #3 for our daughter. He sure is beautiful. I love the portrait you had done. It's really sweet. All the best to the happy couple and you!
I am so happy for you! Your daughter is a beautiful Mommy-to be! The bassinet is gorgeous...a little Tide and Oxy Clean will get the old age stains out and make it look like new. :)

I'm going to be a grandmother in February...so excited! :)

Jane xxxx
Oops forgot to leave my entries
Of course I am a happy follower :-)
I am following canvas prints on facebook and twitter too. I posted your giveaway on my giveaway page xo
Pondside said…
So happy to learn your good news!! Baby girls are a grandma's blessing. You will have sooooo much fun!
Excitement excitement . . congratulations with the new grandchild. Enjoy every moment of the waiting process.
farmhouse-story said…
congrats, tracie! the canvas pic of the new parents is adorable!
Unknown said…
Congratulations, Tracie!! There's nothing like a grand baby to fill your heart forever!!
Stacey said…
A baby girl? How precious! The photo you had made is so pretty. I just love all the photography that couples have done these days. :)
I bet you're an awesome grandma. Your daughter is gorgeous and the photo is really special. Congratulations.
Faded Charm said…
Congratulations....how exciting! You are going to be busy.

Love this photo as well:-)

Unknown said…
So exciting! That print is BEAUTIFUL!
Congratulations! How exciting!
lucy said…
oh how fun!! I'm expecting my fourth grandchild in 11 days...can you say excited?! and I've always wanted a canvas,but have never bought one!
pballard said…
What a lovely giveaway. Shared to twitter and following them also.
pballard said…
Shared on pinterest also.
pballard said…
A follower of all required. I would have to chose my beautiful granddaughter Londyn. Thanks for the chance.
pballard said…
Added to my sidebar on blog also. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.
pballard said…
Shared to facebook also.
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! A babygrand girl sweet. OK I followed all the and I've always been a follower of you! I would love to have Mr Charmer in print.
rush said…
I am definitely a follower!
rush said…
I am following Easy print on Facebook!
rush said…
I have a fantastic photo of my brother's new dog, Toaster, that would look wonderful as a Canvas Print!
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sarah MomE25 said…
I follow your blog via GFC as Sarah MomE25.
Sarah MomE25 said…
I like Easy Canvas Prints on Facebook.
Sarah MomE25 said…
I follow Easy Canvas Prints on twitter @mome25sar
Sarah MomE25 said…
I would love to win and use a photo I recently took of my kids at the park.
Sarah MomE25 said…
I shared this giveaway on twitter: https://twitter.com/mome25sar/status/510995825632108545

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