New Bread Box…

It’s been quite along time since I purchased this little bread box!  Not sure what it was originally intended to be used for, but I saw it as the perfect place for our family to store bread on our counter top.


IMG_5618As you can see that we always have an overflow of bread sacks that don’t fit in our current Bread Box and it drives me crazy!

IMG_5625Last week, I finally bought some Annie Sloan Paint (old white) and painted the blue box.  It took a few coats until I got it right!  The old blue paint bled through the white for almost three coats.


While drying the paint in the sunshine I sprayed the inside with a combination of half vinegar and water to make sure the inside was cleaned thoroughly!


After drying completely, I sanded very little and used both dark and clear wax to distress the box and lid until I felt it was just right look I wanted for my kitchen!


I was so excited that all of the bread fit inside!  There is even a room for a few cracker boxes if I wanted to add too! So what do you think?


Its been awhile since I had set out to complete a project! this one felt so good to accomplish!  Thanks for coming by and taking a peek ~ I love giving old pieces new life! xoxo, tracie


chateau chic said…
I love this...and it looks great in your kitchen!
Mary Alice
I love it!! I would love to have the counter space for something this cute. My family is carb loving and I have two cabinets filled with bread, bagels, muffins, chips and cookies. I do not go near them though it's tempting! Ha!

I never seem to have much luck with waxes on painted wood. I have the clear (light) Annie Sloan wax and it does not change my pieces in any way at all. Advice?

Jane xx
Unknown said…
It looks great,and i love old wood boxes and recycling them for our uses. I have a few myself.

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