Dainty little cup…

My father in law brought me this dainty little tea cup last weekend.  I am so touched that he and his wife think of me when they are out antiquing and pick these three footed tea cups up when they come across one.  It makes me feel extra special!  This one is so pretty with the gold accents and the bold purple flowers and green leaves.  There are numbers on the bottom which is rare in my collection of tea cups and even match which is fun and exciting too! The scalloped rim of the top is so delicate, it makes me wonder how these cups survived years of use.

Thank you for coming to look at my newest addition to my three footed tea cup collection!  This collection of mine is definitely a favorite to share on my blog! xoxo, tracie


What a lovely little teacup! I love 3 footed cups. Gorgeous!
So pretty Tracie! I've actually never seen a 3-footed teacup. :) Adorable! Hope you are doing well! xo
Tracie, your footed teacup is adorable! How lovely that your loved ones thought of you and gifted you with it. That makes it extra special. Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea.

It's precious! It always means more when someone yo love gifts you with a treasure like this!
bobbie said…
I wish to heck I'd kept all my Grandmother's little tea cups/saucers! She had many 3 footed ones...
Lucky you!
Pretty little cup! Great colors on it too.
Zaa said…
OH..How sweet it is !!!!...When you least expect it , someone gifts you with something special...ENJOY !!!
Sylvia said…
Lovely Tracie, I have one three footed teacup and I need to find more to go with it.
not only pretty but unique and precious! I hope you'll share other cups from your 3 footed collection.
xo jonni xo
Another pretty three-footed teacup and I like the gold around this one.
So special - a lovely gift! xo Karen
Cindy said…
Tracie, so sweet your footed little tea cup and nice of them to think of you, I have 4 of these and love to stack them and take pictures of them, lovely
linda said…
I love your cup it's so delicate and beautiful :)
What a cute, dainty cup. I only have one 3 footed cup. What a wonderful cup to received as a gift. Have a great day!
Love that tea cup. Footed tea cups are so dainty and perfect for any occasion. What a wonderful gift. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha
Debra Howard said…
What a sweet gift and so pretty too!
Beth in NEPA said…
What a lovely little tea cup. I don't often see that type. Lucky you to have a collection.
What a lovely story your cup is telling. Thanks for sharing.
lots of blessings from South Africa
Kathy said…
So beautiful and such a sweet gift! You are blessed with some wonderful In-Laws! I will be featuring your post in this week's A Return to Loveliness,
Bernideen said…
Japanese tea cups are lovely and usually hand painted! Yours is lovely!

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