Fishtail Cottage Garden 2/16/15

I cannot believe that I am sitting here mid February and writing my first garden blog post for 2015!  Our winter has been so mild compared to most of the country, and I am already seeing several blooms appear in the garden beds. It isn’t uncommon for our bulbs to start to show some greenery popping above the soil, but actual blooms this time of year, is a bit early!
The Hellebore are usually the first to make an appearance – which gets the butterflies in my tummy excited for spring! I planted several new varieties in my garden about three years ago and this year is my first time seeing blooms on these plants! If you are new to the Hellebore aka “lentil rose”, these gorgeous plants take approximately two to three years to get established before blooming – also they do not like to be moved once they are planted! They need last years leaves to be removed (about this time of year) to keep disease away and will reseed themselves if left alone.  I generally cut back spent blooms in my garden to keep the area looking clean, but leave the new growth alone as a filler in the garden!
Also blooming this week – is the kaleidoscope of spring crocus! This flower is usually the first to bloom in my garden but this year, it’s amongst several this week!
One of my favorite spring bulbs is the snow drop – I love the unique blooms it brings to the gardens!!
Love seeing the cheerful blooms of Narcissus too – they are smaller than a daffodil, right now here at Fishtail Cottage, I only see the greenery appearing of the daffodils…
Daphne has also began filling the garden with it’s unique and beautiful fragrance! The smell of this bloom is unlike any other, I first planted it because I loved the variegated leaves and the blooms lasted a long time in the spring.  This plant has not disappointed me at all!  The Daphne also does not like to be moved once it’s been planted…so make sure you think about how large it will grow – before planting!
The last of my bloomers I am sharing this week is two of my camellia's that opened up.  Both are close to the house which may be why they opened so early this year!  Camellia is of my favorite evergreen’s I planted in my garden! I planted several different varieties, some even bloom in the dead of winter!

Thanks so much for coming over and taking a peek at my garden blooms this week!  Curious where you are located and what you have blooming (if anything) right now!  I love hearing from my gardening friends all over the world! xoxo, tracie
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bobbie said…
We've had a very mild winter here in Idaho, too! No daffy-down-dilly blooms yet, but plenty of growth. My bleeding heart has about 2-3 inches of new growth, chives about 3-4 inches.
Hope Mar & Apr stay mild too!
Hi Tracie! You have a wonderful variety of spring blooms! We are so fortunate to live here in Washington.
Your blooms are so beautiful and such a wonderful sight for us here in the northeast. We are having a repeat of last year's winter with lots of snow, ice and frigid temperatures. Spring cannot come soon enough! Thanks for sharing your pretty blooms!
Bernideen said…
How amazing since we got 6" of snow today. I think you live in Washington or Oregon. I see another comment about Washington to the left. How wonderful to have such an early garden.
Unknown said…
As I sit Herr this morning bundled up under a blanket to keep warm in these subzero temperatures, your garden fills me with hope. Gorgeous!!!
rush said…
Chiming in from southeastern NC...We saw daffodils last week. Ours are still coming up, but I haven't checked on them to see if they are still viable after the freeze. Thank you for sharing your flowers. They are so welcomed at this time of year!
I love to see your flowers!! The hellebores are so gorgeous. I've looked into them and it seems they wouldn't grow here in Colorado. We have about 7 inches of much needed wet snow on the ground. While gardening last weekend I saw tulips, dads and peonies starting. The poppies have been going since January. The peony poppies re just starting from seeds scattered in fall, yay!! So fun to see things coming to life.

*daffodils, not dads...geesh! I should reread befor I hit send!!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful blooms, I'm knee deep in snow with single digit temperatures!!! Your post warmed me up a bit! :)
HeatherF1 said…
I have the same plants in my garden (Oregon) blooming that you do, although only one patch of jonquils, and none of my daffodils are up enough yet. I am wondering if you have had luck with any of the other kinds of daphnes? I only have luck with the Odoras, but have killed several of the other kinds, which is a bummer since they are spendy.
You have some lovely blooms - I love your Lenten roses. I just started planting them in my garden and I need to get more! Thanks for sharing the info about growing them. I am here in Washington, too, and have wild plum, narcissus, rock cress and pansy blooming. It's been such a lovely winter! I feel guilty....:) Enjoy your week! - Karen
Isn't it awesome how early everything is blooming?! I have a Daphne in my front yard by the door and it is so amazing. It is totally intoxicating. Everyone who visits mentions it's wonderful scent! I also have one in the backyard but that one isn't as happy as the front yard one. I guess they can be picky. Have a great rest of the week!
Marci said…
Oh, so beautiful!
Barbwire Pretty said…
Hi there from frozen old Canada. I haven't been blogging for a very long time and much to my delight this morning I found your wonderful post. We are still under the deep freeze from Siberia.30 below zero this morning and no relief in sight, are you feeling sorry for me jet? What a lovely post your flowers are beautiful I hope my garden learns I'm reading about other gardens and starts wiggling around out there getting ready to bloom early.
All the best .
Bernice from Victoria Harbour, Ontario. e
Junkchiccottage said…
Beautiful blooms Tracie. Sooooo jealous you get to see Spring already. Gorgeous. Enjoy your beautiful weather.
peggy said…
I am so happy you have flowers. I guess I could shovel a snowmpile and see if there is any sign here in michigan. It would be interesting but too much work. I think I will wait.
minwks said…
Hi Tracie, Presently in Queensland, Australia temperatures 31C today after 12" of rain from the effects of cyclone Marcia.
Excited to return to our zone 8 area south of Vancouver BC in the next week.
So happy to see that in Washington so many things are blooming. It must be so in my garden as well.
The new varieties of lenten roses are so lovely as they all seem to show their heads whereas the older varieties hang them and have to be turned up to be appreciated.
My Daphne and sarcocca were blooming at the end of January in large pots at the front door so that I could appreciate their fragrance.
I value each plant that breaks the soil after a very wet but mild winter.
Thank you for sharing your photos.
regards Janine
Very pretty blooms you have - I just love the hellebore. I live in WA state, too and have much the same blooming. I need to plant some snowdrops, though. I don't have any and they are just so lovely. Hope your week is lovely, too. xo K
Unknown said…
Nice blossoms flower you have Tracie.. Can anyone find me this tree called mariposa christia vespertilionis.. Pls update me asap.. Thanks..
Mindy said…
The Pacific Northwest is pretty much heaven for gardeners, isn't it? I'm in Portland and have the same things happening in my garden. We've had a rough start to the year at our house, so it's a spirit lifter, for sure.
Barbara said…
I can't believe you have such beautiful flowers growing. I thought I was doing good just because my plants were still alive. You're very lucky to have your days brightened by such loveliness. I just found your blog and look forward to reading more. I signed up as a follower.
Sara Chapman said…
Seattle's spring is the earliest I've seen in the 12 years I've been here. By the way, it's *Lenten* rose, because it blooms before Easter. Will you be doing a linky again? I loved seeing all the thumbnails of people's photos.
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