Fishtail Cottage Garden 4/6/15

The Garden Landscape is certainly waking up with the most glorious colors!  I am so excited to share with you this section of the garden that I have been relentlessly working on at any given opportunity that I have available to me. Last fall,  I completely removed everything in this section of the garden and placed a maple tree that I have grown from seed. It’s taken almost ten years to finally be allowed to be showcased as a focal point in the garden, but I believe it’s going to be an outstanding addition to this area.  Around it, I have planted a row of Felix Crousse peonies, intermixed with many of my favorite cottage garden plants. Plants like heuchra, lungwort, bleeding hearts, delphinium, bearded iris, daylily’s, foxglove and lupine…although the bunnies have eaten the lupine down to the ground so I had to cage what is left of them in hopes they will return.  I tried to divide and transplant most of the plants from other areas in the garden, whenever I do this, I tell myself it’s really for next years garden.  I love watching the garden evolve as I nurture it.  IMG_9153

Beginning to show blooms this week is the gorgeous Adirondack crabapple trees – definitely one of my favorite trees in my landscape.  I’ll share a photo of the entire tree next week when the blooms are fully opened. 


I read in a magazine a long time ago, to use your neighbors landscape as a back drop to your own landscape.  If you do this, your garden doesn’t stop at the edge of your property line. Something I have found true when trying to complete my vision of my garden! Look how pretty this view is even though my garden stops at the edge of the garden gate.


I love walking the garden early in the morning and seeing what is in bloom ~ this week I am sharing with you what is new! In order of photographs is Solomon's Seal, Fushia anemone, Brunnera macrophylla ‘Jack Frost’, White City Spanish Bluebells, Ascot Rainbow Euphorbia “spurge”,  Muscari latifolium,  tulips and Bleeding Hearts.  Please let me know if you have any questions about growing these plants, I am happy to help!


A new addition I recently found is this gorgeous Sugar and Spice Foam Flower.  I saw it at the Seattle Home and Garden Show, and fell in love!  I know its not new to many of you, but it took my breath away when I saw it planted in masses.  For now, I just have this one! 


Thanks for stopping by to take a peek at what is blooming in the garden this week!  Would love to have you leave a comment about what your favorite garden flower is. xoxo, tracie

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Sylvia said…
Who wouldn't want to walk around in your garden, it is so pretty and peaceful. I love flowers of all kind but roses and chaster daisies are my favorite. I love you archway.
Unknown said…
Its looking beautiful! And congratulations on growing that maple from seed! A true sign of perseverance!
Oh my gosh, your garden is outstanding! I love your maple grown from seed - what an accomplishment of patience! Thank you for sharing. Mine is slow to start from winter's slumber....only pansies, daffs and PJM rhododendrons so far are in bloom. My anemones are near blooming, and I'm hoping my poppies planted last year will bloom for the first time this spring. :) Happy gardening!
Rita C at Panoply
WV, zone 7A
Stunning!!! Just stunning!!! What is the large purple headed flower in the first photo? Love your beautiful gardens, Tracie.

ANNE said…
Just gorgeous! I want your garden gate!!!
I love your gardens. The arched gate and blooms are so wonderful and inviting! Happy spring to you!
Mindy said…
As always, such pretty photos. I bought my first Jack Frost Brunnera this year and am so excited to finally have one in the garden.
Your gardens are absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks so much for sharing!
Your gardens always look stunning!!
Gorgeous as always Tracie! A morning stroll thru the garden does wonder for my soul as well. I love the Foam flower and will be looking to find one. A friend gave me starts of Solomon Seal last year and I loved their new addition. My weeping Crabapple is gorgeous this year. I picked some of the blossoms while still in bud and brought them in. They are on my table in blue aqua jars and have opened up to such beauty!
Your garden is gorgeous! I wish I could get flowers to bloom like this! Thank you so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.
oh thanks for showing us. I love seeing your garden and what you do, and I read everything too, not just look at the pics. Your offer to help others is precious. I never saw that foam plant either and it is amazing and can only imagine it 'en masse'!! I am working on mine slowly as budget and energy and sun and plane noise permits. My latest project is creating a Japanese garden by the pond. I have everything I need now, just need to housemate to help on his day off. I can't wait. And I look forward to seeing your lupines and other tall flowers. Have a Beauty Full day!
priscilla said…
So beautiful ! Love your garden gate!
Oh my goodness, you know I have a total crush on your beautiful gardens! Spring has certainly arrived and your spring blooms are gorgeous. I just want to hang out here all day long! ... Happy to feature you at our party this morning. Thanks so much for sharing!
Unknown said…
So gorgeous - and can't believe you grew that tree from seed !
Such beautiful flowers -
I can\'t wait for things to start blossoming here -
Thanks for sharing !

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