Fishtail Cottage Garden 5/4/15

And so it begins, roses roses roses – everywhere!  So many that are blooming this week ~ yet so many more to come! I’m not listing their names, but if you are truly interested in knowing what a certain one is – email me, and I believe I can provide it for you!

IMG_9823 IMG_9793IMG_9800IMG_9770IMG_9729IMG_9801IMG_9748IMG_9797IMG_9745

Columbine is my pick of the week ‘cut flower’ to bring indoors…the blooms of the columbine are so unique and the options are plenty!


A few other flowers that have appeared is Lupin, Sweet William, and Ornamental Onion.


The bees are crazy this year in my landscape…I have rented mason bees for the first time this year, although the process of that hasn’t been quite what I’d hoped for the garden.  I recently discovered that “Rusty Bottomed bumble bee’s” have created a hive inside a bird house close to our house.  A little concerned at first, however I’ve been told that they are harmless and will benefit the garden throughout the summertime. 


Thanks for coming over and taking a look at what's in bloom this week!  Can’t wait to share all the new blooms next week! xoox, tracie


Patty Marker said…
So gorgeous and one of my favorite blogging gardens. Yours is one I would love to stroll in real life.
Junkchiccottage said…
Always love to see your beautiful garden. Soooo pretty.
I find roses are a dreamy flower that add romance to the garden and you have some gorgeous specimens Tracie.
The rusty bottom bees are a good variety and so rare here, we're to contact a source to report any sightings.
Are you still hosting your garden party on Thursdays that starts in May?
Cindy Lou said…
Absolutely stunning cottage garden! Love it!
oh sooo beautiful! I love your gardens and pictures. Such inspiration. I have 5 roses in pots...not much not, but its a start. :D
Gorgeous! Just starting to get buds. Love your unique Columbines also. I have a few, but would like more. Are you going to host your garden party this year?
Prairie Charm said…
I can`t believe you already have roses! They are so beautiful ♥ Enjoy, Alexandra
CIELO said…
What a lovely garden you have. My love of roses keep growing each day, even when it is so hard to keep your roses looking good here in the South... humidity, insects, fungus you name it... I miss my roses at the house in the roses, but now that I'm here in the South I keep trying trying... ;) Yours are beautiful


Heaven's Walk said…
Gosh....I love seeing pics of your garden, Tracie! You truly have a God-given green thumb, girl! :)

xoxo laurie
Seawashed said…
The first photo is my beautiful. Love your roses.
Mindy said…
Those white frilly Columbine are GORGEOUS!

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