Fishtail Cottage Garden 5/11/15

It’s been so beautiful here in the Pacific Northwest! We’ve been blessed with sunshine for days and then rain and clouds for a few days – my kids would love to have the sunshine stay forever, but as a gardener, I know that each and every plant is thriving in weather like this.  This week I have a few new blooming plants that have appeared in the landscape ~ my Bartzella Itoh Peony shrub has one bloom on it (so far)…I do see several other buds this year which is so exciting as it takes years for these to prolifically bloom! I’ve had this one for four years and this is the first year I will see multiple blooms!


Also this week, the rock rose situated between each of the Bradford Pear trees lining the other side of my fence has begun to bloom!  These blooms look like paper to me!



One of my favorite views of the garden is the front walkway ~ on each side of the pathway are Polar Joy Rose Trees.  My dad and I planted these together several years ago, and when they begin their bloom season the memory of our day together is extra special. He too is a huge gardener, someday I will share his garden landscape!


My Siberian Iris’s are looking fantastic this year, my Bearded Iris are showing more green than blooms, I’m wondering if it’s because we laid new dirt last fall and they are buried too deep?  One of my favorites are the bearded iris in my gardens, so I am going to miss seeing them as prolific this year.


The first of the daylily blooms to appear is this pretty one. I love the daylily’s scattered throughout the gardens…I love the foliage that they offer along with the whimsical blooms! IMG_9946

Columbine is showing all the pretty varieties and colors!


A couple new roses opened up this week. Variety names available upon request.


Four O’clocks are tucked in with the heather – love the leaf contrast, don’t you?  Little pink blooms will appear soon! IMG_9940

And lastly, this week is the much anticipated blooms of these floxgloves.  My daughter brought me seeds from her Washington DC trip last spring. They are strait out of Gorge Washington’s garden in Mt. Vernon. I love the idea that we are now part of an heirloom garden! We planted the seeds last year, but since they are biennial this year we are seeing blooms! So fun!


xoox, tracie


Sister Patty said…
Beautiful!!! What's the name of the first rose pictured -- image 9914? I love it!
KathyB. said…
Oh so beautiful ! I love the rainy days we have in the PNW , especially after to many sunny days. My gardens miss the rain too. These past few days have been a sweet respite for gardneners.

Your peonies make me want to start growing some here.
Connie said…
breath takingly beautiful :)
Pamela Gordon said…
Your gardens and flowers are gorgeous Tracie. I can see how much your gardens have grown and filled in over the past few years. They look amazing.
Unknown said…
Your garden is looking awesome. I too adore your front walkway - it's so old-fashioned, cottage looking.

What is the rose in the first picture? Peachy, pink...image 9914?
Your garden is looking nice this year again Tracie and I always like to see your gate with the blooms around it.
Prairie Charm said…
So beautiful Tracie ♥ Enjoy, Alexandra
Bernideen said…
I think it all looks wonderful and I adore the combination of formal English Boxwoods and cottage!
Mindy said…
That yellow peony is on my want list. It's sooooo beautiful!

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