Fishtail Cottage Garden 5/25/15

Peonies are in bloom this week which means the vision that I had for this walkway years ago is in full effect!  Polar Joy Rose Trees and Sandra Bernhardt peonies to bloom at the same time as I walk up to my front door…

On the arch grows the most fragrant roses, a combination of Blush Noisette and Zephirine Drouhin Climbing Roses. 

Isn’t it all so welcoming?

In the back there is a lot going on too! Peonies and roses are bringing so much color to the garden.  If you have a specific question about a plant variety, please email me! always happy to help.


The Snowbell Trees are blooming now..they are absolutely gorgeous and so fragrant next to the patio! I have both the white and pink variety!


No matter where you look in the garden, there is always something special that catches my eye.  I love seeing the pinks and yellow combinations.

They say patience in a garden is key…turns out to be so right as I am finally seeing a bloom on this White Calla Lily.  I planted it years ago and think it’s finally climbed its way out of hiding.  I honestly don’t believe I’ve ever seen a bloom on it – glad I never removed it and just let nature work it’s wonders.

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful week! xoxo, tracie


Bernideen said…
Looks fabulous. Love the English style with those tall evergreens.
Unknown said…
Wow!! It looks like you've stepped into a gardening book. So lovely!! Would love for you to link up with What's Blooming This Week!
Unknown said…
You have The most wonderful garden! Så Beautiful and romantic
A big inspiration for me :)
Best regards Vibeke
ANNE said…
So gorgeous! What I miss most about my last home is the dozen or so varieties of peonies I used to have... my faves!
Sister Patty said…
I think I need a personal tour of your garden, Tracie!!!

It's fantastic!
What a treat to 'stroll' through your lovely gardens!! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!
Priscilla said…
You have a beautiful garden!
Larry said…
These are some of the most quintessential gardens I have ever seen... absolute perfection... Larry
priscilla said…
Amazing ! I would never want to go inside!
Oh my heavens, how beautiful...........
Lovely images and love that rose arbor with all those abundant roses,
just so breathtaking. thanks for sharing this visual delight.
blessings, Nellie
Wow. I love your gate! It is beautiful!
Jennifer said…
Your peonies and roses are just amazing. The view of the gate was made for a magazine!
Linda said…
Oh how beautiful! You must give garden tours do you?
Your garden looks right out of a magazine!
Laurel Stephens said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Your garden is just stunning!!! I just had to featured it, so on Monday it will be featured at Show and Share. Thanks so much for joining my party.

Unknown said…
Just stunning Tracie - really - just stunning !
I'm pinning !
Swoon-worthy as always! Loving all the gorgeous roses and peonies. Just curious, how much time do you spend working on your gardens? ... Featured you at Be Inspired this morning. Thank you so much for sharing!
I am in heaven! I am completely taken back by your garden entrance of roses and Peaony!!! I love it! Firts time here but I will now go through all of your garden images for more amasing inspiration!!! Where sould I do this in my garden??? All the best from Sweden
I found myself come back to your lovely garden time gain! Especially your garden gate is mesmerizing!! What a joy to come home to! Your garden looks like it just came out of a magazine cover. But I wonder if the peonies dosen't look more like 'Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt' than 'Sahara Bernard'.

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