Fishtail Cottage Garden 6/8/15

The Fairy Rose is blooming this week. This rose doesn't have a fragrance like many of my rose, however they are so beautiful with clusters of roses that are the prettiest of pink hue's. On my rose terrace, I have a rusted trellis that this rose can rest peacefully on and the pinks look so pretty together.

Having a Fairy Rose blooming in any garden should mean that you must fill up the house with bouquets everywhere that you can possibly place a vase.

The first flush of summer rose blooms in the landscape have come and gone and Im trying to keep up on the endless dead heading and fertilizing here at Fishtail Cottage. Souvenir de la Malmaison is the first photo.  Second photo is Blythe Spirit. The third photo is what becomes of many of my roses after I thought they died and then return from their roots. They are so stunning in the garden, I just can't bring myself to pull them out. The fourth rose is a gifted unnamed grocery store rose that was said to never make in the landscape, but after years of trying quite a few of them along the outside of the picket fence,  this year I finally feel hope!

On the side of the house, what I call our "secret garden" is finally showing the blooms that I cut to the ground earlier this spring. Click here to see last years post about this area of the garden.  Sometimes those climbing roses just need a good cutting to find their glory again. I'm sure by the end of summer, it will be back to the top of the bird house again!

The bottom of the rose terrace hosts a row of rescued gorgeous and very tall Siberian iris's.  Lucky me that someone didn't want them any longer and found a perfect location here in my garden.

So something that I am so excited to share is that this is the first year in ten years that my Japanese Stewatia has bloomed.  I ordered this tree online and I kid you not when I say it arrived less than six inches tall.  I have nurtured this precious tree ever since and am reaping the rewards this year!  so many blooms I can't even count.  Interesting though that the blooms are only lasting a day and then new ones follow ~ I was thinking I would be sharing a full flowering tree but it seems to have just a few a day.

 The bird house below is having a lot of activity this time of year.  I just cut back all of peonies and getting ready for the next wave of cottage blooms! The bird bath provides a quick soak for the birds and I try to place fresh fruit out there for the birds and butterflies. I found birdseed in there attracts the wrong kind of wild life for me. More roses, daylily's, rose companion, columbine, moonbeam coreopsis  and the hydrangeas are getting ready...

 In my shaded areas I have Astilbe starting to bloom, and a few annual fuchsias.

Also, in the (somewhat) shaded area of my landscape ~ the Pink Flowering Dogwood is beginning to turn color so I'm sure next week I'll be featuring it's pretty pink flowers!

 xoox, tracie


STUNNING as always!! I always love taking a tour of your beautiful gardens!!
Your garden is plentiful, lush and beautiful. The Rose with no scent is pretty and would be lovely placed in a small bud vase at each table setting, no scent - makes it ideal for that.
Oh I do love that pink rose. I wish I could grow roses. Not enough sun in my garden though. I am still trying. I love your photo's so clear and beautiful
Unknown said…
Tracie your garden is so lovelythanks for sharing with us.It is dry here in rained forever and now it has bee warm and dry.
Judy said…
beutiful garden..
Priscilla said…
You have a beautiful garden! Never enough to roses!
Carole West said…
Absolutely beautiful, the roses are my favorites - so what is your secret to such an amazing garden?
Carole @ Garden Up Green
Annie said…
What is that lovely cluster of pale pink roses - not The Fairy, the other one that has several shades of pale pink in one large cluster of blooms. It is just gorgeous. I suspect you were fortunate enough to move into your home with the roses already there, without name tags. If you could identify any of them, I'm sure I'm not your only follower who would love to know their names. We all want our gardens to look as full and lush and charming as yours! I love seeing Lady's Mantle with roses. Thank your for letting us stroll through your garden.

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