Fishtail Cottage Garden 7/20/15

So this started happening today...
The Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas are starting to show a slight bit of pink! I absolutely love this shrub so much that I added four more this past week to the front of my landscape.  For almost a month the blooms on this shrub have been a stark white color, and as of today the show of pink hue's begin.  
As the hydrangeas welcome anyone driving by, I recently filled this salvaged container with Calibrachoa and hung it on my front gate to welcome any guests.  As long as they are getting watered daily it seems quite happy. (It's been in the 90's the past few days here in Seattle).
A few weeks ago (click here to see that post) that I picked up a few new roses for the garden and after nurturing them and allowing them to get established, all of them are leafing out and a couple already have a couple blooms to share with you! The Nicole Carole Miller Grandiflora Rose and The Alnwick David Austin Rose below are blooming. Both are stunning in the garden.
Also returning is the rose terrace roses, Winchester Cathedral and Brother Cadfael. I am not sure I mentioned that to you that I completely cut all of these to the ground as they were so full of disease (mildew and black spot) I figured I had nothing to lose by doing so.  They are coming back beautifully! Brother Cadfael grows upwards and then points its heavy blossom toward the ground while the Winchester Cathedral points its face to the sky's above...anyone know why this is?
A few other pretty blooms to share with you this week are Gladiolus, Alpha Wedding Phlox, Stargazer Lily's, Double Blooming Daylily, Yellow Crocosomia, Rose of Sharon and Queeny Purple Hollyhock.
Because I cut back my hydrangeas last fall, most of my blooms did not appear this year.  I have a few to share with you though... Sister Theresa, Pistachio and Forever Pink.
And lastly a few more 'unnamed roses this week! If you have any ideas what the names of these could be, I'd love your ideas...
Thanks so much for coming to visit! To see more photo's of my home and garden, please follow me on Facebook and Instagram as well! xoxo, tracie


All so beautiful! Love that hydrangea- the pink accent is so cute- makes me think of strawberry ice cream! The roses are wonderful- you have such a good climate for them. My one rose is still recovering after Mr. Bunny decided to eat most of it!
I visited Portland in early use and was blown away with all the roses I saw there! Looks like your summer is coming along beautifully- love the little pocket with flowers on the fence- so cottage like and cute!
June said…
Absolutely gorgeous blooms Tracie! Everything flourishes in your wonderful climate there.
Hi Tracie ~ I love the huge blooms and color of your strawberry hydrangeas! Can't get enough! And of course, that cute salvaged container on your gate is so charming. I like reading your gardening posts partly because I pick up little bits of advice. Our vegetable garden is doing really well, but I've neglected our flower garden in large part this summer. I just seem to run out of hours and with the heat, I need to be more vigilant. :) Hope you have a great day! Thanks for sharing the beauty of your garden with us!
Prairie Charm said…
I`m absolutely in love with all of them ♥ Alexandra
Aren't those Vanilla Strawberry hydrangea plants just amazing? You've taken gorgeous pictures of them. I purchased one a few years ago as a TREE. The buds are not flowing down all around above the ground, and some still stand up straight. I think it's a showpiece for the garden. What a lovely place you have! Thank you for sharing it with us! I'll follow you on Pinterest. I'm Susie Troccolo on Pinterest. and my blog is Happy weekend coming up!
Unknown said…
Thank you for your wonderful tour of so many lovely flowers.Have a nice weekend.
ohh soooo beautiful Tracie~ thanks for showing us this beauty.
Charmingbubble2 said…
Portland Rose Society used to have people who could assist you in identifying roses. I've lived away for too many years to know if they still offer this service. Try contacting them they may be able to direct you to something online. David Austin roses in the UK could answer your questions about the behavior of your roses. I suspect it has something to do with the type floribundas vs hybrid tea and/or what they were bred for.
So pretty! As we have had a month of temps usually over 90 degrees my gardens are not as pretty as usual. I don't even want to see my water bill! Enjoyed your post :)
Anonymous said…
Your flowers are so beautiful.

CIELO said…
Beautiful... those hydrangeas are gorgeous. Are you not doing your linky garden party any longer? I wanted to show you my garden ;)

Debbie said…
Breathtaking!! Love those hydrangeas!!
Everything looks so pretty.
Tracie, your garden is always such a delight! I am a month behind you. My pholox, ad str. van. are still just in bud. But my Holyhocks are about through. Love your roses. Mine have not done so great. When I cut mine down like that they always come back wild. Thanks for the tour! I'll be featuring you at SYC this week.
I'm always so inspired by your gorgeous garden Tracie. Pinning!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne
Mindy said…
So many pretties! I love that first hydrangea. I ALMOST bought the Pistachio one a couple weeks ago. How do you like it? Do all the flowers come out that way? It's so pretty in the nurseries, with one or two flowers, but I've never seen one in a garden.
Your garden is amazing!! Thank you for sharing. You are one of the features at the Round-Up from the Before & After Wednesday party at The Dedicated House. Here is the link so you can check out your feature. Sorry for being so late in letting you know. I'm a little behind since being away on our little beach vacation. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse
Tracie! The Weekly Feature Series is live, where you are one of the features. Here's the link so you can check it out. Have a wonderful Sunday! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

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