12 Gifts for Gardeners ... Day #6

Roses, roses, roses! Can anyone have enough roses? Not me, which is why this would be the perfect gift for any gardener. During the winter time is when we plan next years garden and spend a lot of time browsing catalogues and magazines to get ideas. Heirloom Roses happen to be one of my favorite places to mail-order roses for my garden from. They offer such a great variety - from older roses to new introductions. It's always a challenge for me to decide which ones I can't live without

Searching for what I'm looking for is so easy to do on their awesome website. You can search by category, color, price, size and even fragrance. The website helps pick the perfect rose every time. When I reached out to Heirloom Roses, they were excited to work with me on this feature, even if I can't order any roses during this time of year. However, they offer Christmas Bundles that include a catalog, greeting card and gift certificate with your choice of denomination. They also have bundles that include customized garden stakes, a year of roses, and more. Check them out here to pick the one for you. I would recommend checking out the "Year of Heirloom Roses" Bundle - it would be any gardeners dream gift.

I was so excited to receive my Christmas Bundle which included a gift certificate for me to apply towards my coveted Eden Rose when it's ready for shipment in early Spring. How pretty is this?? Can't wait to show you what it looks like in my garden next Summer!!!

Also with my package, I received a Portland Rose scented soap and lotion. They smell heavenly. Anyone that loves old rose scent, will love, love, love this.

As of today, Heirloom Roses is running a special promotion. If you spend $100, get a $20.00 gift certificate. Such a great deal if you're looking for gift ideas and looking to add new roses to your own garden, as it wouldn't be too hard to spend $100 and basically earn a free rose. Make sure to check them out on Instagram here and tag them in pics of your pretty new roses when you get them! 

Xoxo, Tracie


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