Cottage Garden 2/19/2016

So fun to finally see the garden waking up! I feel like this has been the longest winter I can remember! Between having surgery on my left wrist because of the melanoma finding last fall and then breaking my right wrist just after Thanksgiving.... I've been going a little stir crazy during the these past couple months and feeling a little helpless around the house and garden.  But seeing the garden showing signs of the beginning of spring has certainly brightened my mood!

And yesterday my dad and I had our annual trip to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show here in Seattle.  Which prompted more excitement and desire to see this years garden unfold. After the show, I came home to find several garden blooms and snapped some pics to share with you of what is blooming this week.

The Blush Fairy Camellia has begun to bloom in my front porch cement urns.  I saw this plant last year at the NW Flower and Garden Show and immediately began searching for it.  I found two very tender diseased plants at a local nursery and have spent the last year nurturing them - my reward is seeing these beautiful blooms. Love the whimsical and dainty blooms this plant is sharing with me.
Also dreaming of what is to come is the booms of our Bradford Pear Trees. We planted these back in 2011 and love the way they've grown and provide shade and privacy during the summer months. What is the prettiest is when they bloom their white flower in masses! I find all stages of this tree just beautiful! Between each of the trees I have Pink Rock Rose and Sandwort to help with keeping the weeds to a minimal.

So what is in full bloom here at Fishtail Cottage?
 Hellebores (Lenten Rose)


Daffodils (Narcissus bulb)

Snow Drop Bulb

Crocus Bulb

White Flowering Current (a hummingbirds favorite)

 The most amazing fragrant flower ~ Daphne!

Looking forward to sharing more of my garden with you next week! xoxo, tracie


MarilynK said…
That pink camellia is beautiful! Is it normally pretty hardy? Or are you a plant Doctor?�� Thank you for sharing your garden. It has been a long wet winter and I'm glad to see the signs of spring.
Priscilla said…
Your knowledge of plants is amazing. Are you a master gardener? If not you should be. Take it easy in the garden this year. It will take some time to get all your strength in your wrist back.
It is so welcoming to see the first buds of spring and your Camellia are beautiful! After much snow in the beginning of February, the temperatures today are in the 50's, and I am so ready for spring. Thank you for sharing your lovely delights!
Colleen said…
Had to miss the NWFG show this year, so nice you go to the show with your dad every year. Nice tradition. Isn't the show wonderful! I always head home full of ideas and hope for my gardens.
Love the Camellia. I had never really noticed that plant until my youngest daughter moved to Seattle and she told me, "you must plant this, the blooms are amazing". Hope you post more photos of yours.
Mindy said…
I love that second Lungwort, I don't have that one!
Your beautiful garden is waking up for spring! We have snow in the forecast for tomorrow so we will have to wait a bit longer. Thanks for sharing your lovely early bloomers with us.
Anonymous said…
Hi guys,
Thank you so much for this wonderful article really!
To have ceramic oil warmer is amazing and i have to tell you I was so so happy cause everything
is awesome believe me!
Gorgeous as always Tracie! Nothing happening here yet. In fact, the snow just melted off of our back lawn. Well, much to my despair the lawn is full of Vole tracks. UGH! We have not had this before. It was covered with snow all winter and the little critters had a hey day! We have a wedding here in June. I've got my work cut out for me getting this garden into shape.
Your gorgeous cottage garden is always so inviting and inspiring Tracie. Thank you for sharing your early spring blooms, which are just lovely. I'm delighted to be featuring this post at tomorrow's Shabbilicious Friday link party.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne
Hi Marilyn! This Fairy Blush Camellia is new to me! I found two at a local nursery last February - haven't seen it anywhere since then. I picked them up for next to nothing with a 12 month guarantee (they were in not very healthy shape). To see them blooming is a good sign! I hope to see them continue to be happy!
Priscilla- you are so sweet! I am definitely not a master gardener. I get inspired by things I see and try it on my own - I've learned most everything from trial and error! I just shared a new blog post today about a 'vision' can take years to accomplish and sometimes I change my mind and have to switch my idea up to better suit what I'm working with!
Lee, where are you located? I don't think I could stand another minute of winter without seeing some hope of spring! I agree that seeing some blooms sure makes this time of year a little easier...I always try and bring home fresh store bought flowers when I can't find them in the garden! Having flowers around me somewhere is a must!
Oh man, sorry you had to miss the show! I've had to miss it a few times too and the spring never seems to start out right! I didn't walk away with any new ideas - but truly enjoyed seeing the show and attending a couple seminars. The day with my dad is always extra special! The Camellia plants have become some of the "bones" in my landscape because so much of what I have is diciduous.
Hi Mindy!!! Missed chatting with you over the winter months! I love the lungwort varieties....nothing to do but spring clean up! It's nice to have an easy flowering plant in the landscape. Which do you have?
Snow? Oh geesh... I hope it's gone by now? Thank you for visiting taking the time to comment! Just posted about this weeks garden if you want to come back and peek!
Oh how fun to plan a wedding in your back yard! I'm looking forward to seeing posts about it! What will you do about the voles?
Kerryanne! Thank fun to finally share my garden blooms... I linked up again today! ❤️ Appreciate you featuring Fishtail Cottage blog! xoxo
Marie Tere said…
Love your garden. Love following your blog. Definitely garden goals. I ventured out yesterday to see what my garden was up to ... Lots of grass and weeds in the gravel, but not in the beds, which is good. But how do you keep your gravel area weed free? Thanks.

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