Desert Essence Detoxifying Sea Salt Body Scrub and Jojoba & Sweet Almond Body Oil

I was recently was asked to try Desert Essence Detoxifying Sea Salt Body Scrub and Jojoba & Sweet Almond Body Oil. My skin is so sensitive I was a bit hesitant to try it - but I did anyway.  Guess what? I love it!  I am not just saying that I really and truly love it!

I used the Detoxifying Sea Salt Scrub while in the shower....this product has that spa fragrance that made me feel a little bit fancy. I completely and totally expected it to be oily after rinsing it off, but it wasn't...not in the least. Most scrubs I've used in the past leave a oily residue that is sticky. Sticky on my towel, my hair, my clothes - but this one, nope not in the least. 

I'm not someone who tans, but every once in a while it's nice to get a spray tan before an event. Because it isn't oily, yet you want to make sure you sluff off all of the dead skin, this Detoxifying Sea Salt Body Scrub would be a perfect scrub before getting a spray tan. It's amazing the way it moisturizes without leaving you oily or sticky. 

Only because I didn't know what to expect, after toweling my body off, I applied the Jojoba & Sweet Almond Body Oil while still in the shower (I didn't want to get oil all over my bathroom).  The fragrance is amazing, very light and subtle almond scent and didn't feel oily after application. The spray went on very evenly and I just rubbed it in using my hands. The oil was fast-absorbing, it didn't leave any residue but left my skin feeling moisturized. 

I honestly love this duo ~ with fall weather coming in the next few weeks, I highly recommend anyone looking for a good skin regimine for winter.  Below are links to these amazing products.

Click here to peek around the Desert Essence website.

Click here to order the Detoxifying Sea Salt Scrub.

Click here to order the Sweet Almond Body Oil.

Here is a little information about Desert Essence Company. 
Desert Essence was founded in 1978 and is a leader in natural personal care. The company draws its inspiration and ingredients from the desert. "A model of pristine balance and sustainability, where limited recources, if used responsibly, offer the body and spirit untold bonefits."  Using nutrient-rich desert botanicals revered in native cultures for the hearling properties ~ like Tea Tree, Jojoba, Aloe and Argan Oils...Desert Essence's body, skin and hair products work in harmony with the body to soothe nurture and restore.  True to its principle, the company works to ensure that both its products and practics reflect the serious commitment it has made to the health of the planet. Desert Essence is proud to support Plan International USA's Because I AM A Girl Initiative, to directly improve the lives of girls in the world's poorest countries. Desert Essense is a Certified B-corp Corporation.

Let me know if you have any questions about my experience using these Desert Essense products.  I am happy to help and would love to know if you end up ordering anything. xoxo, tracie


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