Fishtail Cottage Garden - February 2019

February 2019 brought us a crazy amount of snow in Seattle! The kind no one expected and the kind  we certainly didn't realize it would take several weeks of snow and ice before it all disappeared. 

Because we had several nice days in January, I am talking close to seventy degree weather - so may roses and trees had started leafing out, so when the snow arrived in the amount that you see in the photo's above, followed by weeks of ice - The damage that February brought to my gardens was terrible.  Arborvitae's were split in half, several rose shrubs burned all the way to the roots, rhododendrons branches completely broke off, in addition, I lost a couple lilac's too.  This fall I definitely plan to do some major pruning with my trees and shrubs instead of leaving that for spring.

In the middle of all of that snow and ice I brought these sweet little silkie chicks home and when we lost power I had to rely on someone close by to take care of them for several days - almost lost the cute little white one.  All survived thank goodness!  

Was definitely the worst part of winter snow that I ever experienced. Appreciate you coming to visit Fishtail Cottage today! Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram, xoox,tracie


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