Fishtail Cottage Garden - March 2019

After the damage of the February was assessed and once the ground thawed out somewhat, we realized we needed to replace one side of our garden fencing.  Honestly I was so excited because this part of our garden fence is visible during all seasons and this gave me the opportunity to design something I wouldn't mind looking at. We worked with Contour Fence out of Woodinville Washington to design what I had in mind.  I absolutely love that within a week of the old fence coming down, a new one was in its place - Just in time for the blooming Bradford Pear Trees along that fence line.  We put some latus along the top perimeter so that I could plant some climbing roses along the where the chicken coop is and eventually see them spill over the top of the fence.
 The roses I ordered for this area are Madame Alfred Carriere’ and Ash Wednesday. I have been disbudding any roses that start on these plants in hopes it strengthens the plant for next year. I think they will be beautiful someday! sigh.....

On both sides of the house we replaced the gates that were there as well. I wanted an arch to each entrance to grow more roses on as well.

On one side I planted Sombreuil and the other is New Dawn. I know these will all take a few years to establish the vision I have, but I am quite certain they will be lovely! 

March gave us some gorgeous hellebore blooms and the garden definitely woke the garden up with warmer temperatures. Nice to see all of these hellebores bloom that I planted so many years ago. 

Thank you so much for coming by to take a peek at the garden in March.  Looking forward to sharing more with you next month. xoxo, tracie


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