My top 10 FAVORITE THINGS in 2019

Merry Christmas!

I cannot believe we are already just twenty three days away from Christmas Day.  I have some lovely ideas I want to share with you that I've fell in love with throughout 2019 and think each and every one of these items would make excellent gifts for those on your list as well. I've highlighted each item with a short description of my personal thoughts with links to each one.

Creating a pizza at home that goes into the oven and comes out as dreamy as restaurant wood fire pizza oven style was our family's fantasy. After ordering this item, our family's personal experience with this pizza oven is unanimously a big thumbs up. We have used it throughout this entire past year through all of the seasons and have truly enjoyed the whole pizza making experience.  We've had so many fun family nights creating pizza's and cooking in this pizza oven which conveniently fits perfectly in our barbeque.  Easy to store and clean...great price and definitely each one of us highly recommends it! We ordered ours on Amazon, but it isn't available there any longer - but I did find it at Best Buy.

I finally upgraded my phone from the iPhone 7 to the 11Pro Max and I'm loving it! I searched immediately and found this darling phone case from Love Shack Fancy, which by the way has so many darling items available. Since I love everything floral, and this is something I use throughout the day, it was important to me to have this particular phone case! I've been very happy with it over the past couple months.

I was introduced to this set during the Amazon Sale late in the summer. I ordered right away and have been using it ever since for both air travel and weekend road travels. I love owning name brand items, and yes, this looks like a favorite name brand of mine, but it isn't the price of one.  The quality has really held up and I've loved these so much that I plan to give them to others for Christmas gifts. Looks like the one I've ordered from in the past is no longer available, so I am linking to another that looks exactly like mine.

I love love love these shoes. I originally found and purchased them at a local store down in Snohomish Washington, but also found them online.  They are very similar to a couple popular high end shoes that also feature upper slip on canvas material...but these a are much less expensive option and so much more comfortable.  The memory foam that is in the soul of the shoe is amazing and makes all day walking bearable. The line comes in the most darling options of colors - if you order, you have to tell me which ones you ordered and how you like them? Oh, almost forgot - they have them for kids too!!!!!

This Bracelet is a newer purchase for me. I've only had it about a month and it's a favorite to wear of mine. I've received so many compliments every time I wear it.  It's comfortable for me to wear on either wrist and goes with just about everything both casual and dressy. Would make an excellent gift for just about anyone on your list. Its 25% off today if you hurry...if you miss it, keep watching for sales! This is also available at Nordstrom.

Although I don't personally own a pair of air pods (on my Wishlist) but I've seen glowing reviews for this case for others that do have it. So I ordered a few of these keychains to gift to's an excellent price point for such a useful everyday item that just about everyone on this planet can use.

I've personally never given Dahlias a second look until this past summer. I've always given my extra energy and time to all of my beloved roses throughout my garden. However after seeing some gorgeous ones in a friends garden and she sent me home with the most beautiful bouquet, I fell in love with the intricate details and the vintage colors ~ Soon I found myself browsing websites online and trying to learn more about them. I ended up ordering this book and have had my brain devouring all the details that I can absorb. This seems to be a good book filled with beautiful photography and information. I can't wait to try Dahlias in my landscape next year.

Well this hat speaks for itself, doesn't it...all things Dolly Parton! I've truly loved her since my very young childhood and had all her records growing up. She carries a very special place in my heart and have had the honor of being in her presence twice in my life - once when I was five and my mom took me to her concert in Denver Colorado and just a couple years ago I saw here again here in Seattle, again with my mom and my aunt. I only have good thoughts and happy memories when Dolly is in my life! I don't own this hat yet and so hopeful it will be in my stocking this year!

I have been a huge fan of Susan over at Restoration Rose on Instagram. I had the privilege of meeting her in person when I attended a Rose Master Class at Grace Rose Farm earlier this year. I was over the moon with excitement to get to know her and chat roses during that trip and have continued to do so for the past several months since then.  Susan recently launched her own line of products here.  I was lucky enough to receive a box full of goodies last week and have been obsessed with each and every item she sent to me. You wont be disappointed trying anything in her store. If you are asking me to pick something to suggest, I would highly recommend the Restoration Rose Soap Lip and Candle Gift Set!  This set gives you an opportunity to try a few of the items that will make you want to come back for more. If you order tonight, there is a coupon code "ROSE" to receive 25% off your purchase. After today - use the code "LOYAL" to receive 15% off your purchase.

My daughter and I were walking through the mall last Wednesday and came across a new store and were stopped in our tracks - the fragrance of the diffusers is what drew me in. We started browsing and tried a lotion or two, and then a very knowledgeable sales gal came up and opened up the conversation that us bathing in everything that might cure our ailments.  Truly I was in heaven and began snapping photo's of everything I wanted to put on my wish list. She did however, share one item that I didn't want to leave at the store, it was called Peppermint Halo. We rubbed it on the back of our neck and after about ten minutes a crazy cold tingling sensation began to relax me and the headache that had started to come on a bit strong was beginning to disappear. My family frequently gets migraines and I thought I definitely should at least bring this home. We used it most of the weekend and have found headache relief from tension and also my husband tweaked his neck while putting up Christmas decorations and has been using it for his neck muscles. I know several friends that could use this type of relief for all the anxiety and stress they carry - so at the sale price of $13. today, I just ordered several to gift for the holidays.

Let me know if you have any questions about anything I am sharing today ~ happy to answer any questions you may have.  I love sharing my personal experiences with products with you for Gift Giving!

If you have any suggestions for me, please do share in the comments below...I'd love to hear other ideas from you too! 

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