Fishtail Cottage Recent Snow 2021

We always get our coldest weather in February and sometimes even March. A few weeks ago we received at least three days of snow equaling in approximately a foot for us. I know for some that isn't a lot, but for us, it was more than enough.  It lasted only a few days and melted away - which is the way I really like to see the snow here. See the beauty, snap a few photo's .... and let it go away without a fuss. 

I am always grateful for the snow and the cold weather, because it allows me to rest and not think to much about all of the garden chores awaiting me. It is also great for perennials that need some cold temperatures to give us beauty later in the garden season. Peonies are a great example of plants that thrive with this type of weather.

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White and very beautiful...lovely pictures!

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