Connies Sandstorm


Connie’s Sandstorm grandiflora rose is one I ordered directly from the breeder…Burling Roses. When I received this rose, there were two starts of it and they both were very flimsy starts to a shrub that quickly over the summer became a robust cane. I kept them in pots on my patio to get started and closely watched them and pulled off any new buds that I saw so that it could establish its root system. Just recently planted both on the flagstone path inside the fence close to the house in the mixed boarder of roses behind boxwoods.  It is becoming a new favorite in the garden partly because it was so hard to find and also after all summer of giving it all of my TLC, I can see its potential of being a fabulous rose shrub. Showing little to no disease issues. There is only a mild scent to the rose but seems to make an excellent cut flower.  Garden Zone 6-10


emily said…
I bought this rose as a cutting and tough still quite small I just got my first bloom. The blooms very small, butatleast I have one. She is in a gallon pot and I'm wondering when I should plant her I the garden. I'm in northeastern CA, sone 7a.

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