For the love of pink…

Ahhh, the life of a garden is what makes me feel like I am living in the moment. Hearing the song of a bird, the buzzing of a bee, the sound of the waterfall, fragrance in the wind, warmth of the sunshine on my skin – when I close my eyes and all of these fabulous feelings are around me is what makes me love being alive.
But I will say seeing the shades of pinks in the garden makes my tummy flutter.  here is what PINK I am seeing in the garden this week! 

Remember these tulips from last week? well they are all awake now & welcome any visitor who walks the front pathway! 
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So pretty are the Indian Summer Crabapples opening up and the presence of Hino Crimson Azalea’s.  
More pink tulips.We must not forget how prevalent that pink flowering current looks in our gardens and the beginning phase of loosing our our fragrant hyacinth flowers (until next spring).
Also showing it’s color this week is the heuchera and this stunning slug loving primrose.
Raspberry Splash Lungwart is such a fantastic pop of pink seen from a distance throughout the entire garden & the always reliable Bergenia common name is “Pigsqeak” is finally showing it’s blooms.
You know by now that one of my favorite garden flower the bleeding bleeding heart. Last summers addition was the Concord Dwarf Barberry shrub with beautiful shades of pink. Cannot forget the all to common bells of the Pieris flowering shrub.
Hope you enjoyed seeing the love I have for pink in the garden this week. Linking to Cottage Flora Thursday’s !  To see where else I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…
xoxo, tracie


Unknown said…
WOW! Tracie, your walkway is so inviting..wish I could visit and walk amoung the pretty pink tulips..they look stunning!
Pamela said…
Love, love the walkway. What a welcome as you approach the front door! My tulips are about 3 inches tall right now but the snow has only been gone a week, the poor dears were afraid to pop up their first leaves.
Donna Reyne' said…
I have a thing for pink flowers in the garden!
It's still too cold here and only just now starting to see the leaves of my tulips, peonies and hydrangeas peaking out of the ground.
I did notice that my lilac is starting to bloom. Way too early!
But I love how the pink looks with the exterior of your home
Have a wonderful week
hello, stopping by from an Oregon Cottage, what a lovely home and garden you have! I am also a WA blogger, and happy to meet you. Enjoy your day.
Anonymous said…
Your path of tulips is gorgeous! Things are not in bloom here yet so I love looking at all your beautiful flowers...a garden must have lots of pink and I love yours!
Pamela Gordon said…
I love your picket fence with the sweet gate and all your pretty pink flowers. It looks wonderful! Blessings, Pamela
Tracie, what a gorgeous entrance to your home! I love pink Tulips, have a few only, the previous owners planted, I love the trail up the walkway. Have a wonderful wednesday, xxx tami
Shannon said…
Wow, those Tulips look amazing!!! I love all the beautiful pink flowers :)
how beautiful.. I cannot have any tulips.. I can't get rid of the moles and they eat the bulbs.. yours are gorgeous
Barbara Jean said…
Gorgeous post!!

barbara jean
nanniepannie said…
Everything looks so pretty the pink with your gray house is perfect.
Diana LaMarre said…
I am loving all the pinks along your gorgeous walkway. I really like the photo peeking over the gate.
Gatsbys Gardens said…

What a beautiful setting with the tulips up your walkway. I have Raspberry Splash, not quite blooming yet. Also, that Bleeding Heart, have not seen this one before.

cherry said…
Oh my goodness!! I love all the pink.. I would want to hangout on the front porch, walking up and down the walk trying to take in all that pink goodness.. Absolutely fabulous..
hugs from Savannah, Cherry
HolleyGarden said…
What a picture those tulips and white picket fence make! Tulips don't do well here, so I am always amazed when someone has masses like that. Love that last bleeding heart, too. Very pretty pinks!
Betty said…
Your walkway is so beautiful. I agree the tuplips are stunning.
Pink and green look fantastic with the colour of your house and the white picket fence!! Your walkway is lovely, so inviting to visitors!
Arabella said…
Everything is so lovely ~ especially those pink tulips....ahhhh, dreamy...

Happy Pink Saturday to you - hope you have a lovely weekend :O)
Char said…
Oh Tracie, I think if I were to walk up to your door, I would never arrive. I would be at the gate looking at all the gorgeous blooms. I love bleeding hearts. I would be caught in the moment for sure. Happy Pink Saturday, Char
hi, visiting from Pink Saturday. Love your walk way, the different shade of your pinks are lovely. I especially love your pink tulips.........
Hope your weekend is great.

The French Hutch
Susan Freeman said…
Absolutely delightful!!!

Susan and Bentley
Unknown said…
I want to VISIT YOU, ladybug! These pinks in your garden bring me such joy to view. I have many of them but not in bloom yet ... AWESOME share! Thank you.

Happy beautiful PS weekend ~
Happy Pink Saturday!

What a fabulous place you have.
Love these tulips!

~ Gabriela ~
Claudia said…
What a darling cottage!!

Like all of us participating we love pink -- but you hit it spot on!

We did similar posts -- I am a tulip and spring flower gal to the bone!

Oh Tracie Sweetie...
What a gorgeous cottage you have. I love walking through the front gate, it is so welcoming in itself, and then to find the beauty that awaits me. From the walkway to the grounds surrounding, it is SO breathtakingly beautiful. Your tulips are exquisite and the scent is DO delightful. I love it.

Thank you for sharing with me today. The scents have drawn me back to life after a very tiring week at work. Thank you sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry
Your walkway is just beautiful! What heavenly pink tulips!
All your flowers are lovely and I love your bleeding hearts, too!
You have a beautiful front entrance, love the pink tulips lining the walk. A lovely pink selection of spring flowers. Gorgeous!!
LV said…
You thumb is a lot greener than mind. I would love having a yard like yours. Simply stunning.
sweet violets said…
Wow....that is just beautiful!!!! hugs...cleo
Anonymous said…
Pink is my favorite garden color too. In fact, I have to make myself buy other colors so all my flowers won't blend together. Lovely flowers, but that gate looks like it came out of a magazine. Happy Pink Saturday!
suzyq said…
Wow, I love all that 'pinkness'! We are coming into autumn (or fall) here in Australia and I am loving it after the long hot summer we have had.
My name is Riet said…
What a beautiful pink post. All those flowers are gorgeous. Happy pink Saturday
The Artful Diva said…
OM goodness - your pink tulips are beautiful. You are so lucky - we can't grow them here.
Happy PS!
Valrie said…

Love the garden of pinks!

Stop bt for a visit. April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Poem of the day for PS!

Glennis said…
Such wonders!! I love the little spray of bleeding hearts seen behind the tulips!

Your gate is so wonderfully designed and built, it makes a perfect focal point for this walkway. What a lovely garden.

Happy Pink Saturday!
Your garden is really looking lovely with all that fabulous pink...I adore your tulips...I hope to add some tulips for next spring...In pots of course, so I can sneak them into my freezer for a couple of weeks during the winter, insuring they get a good deep freeze...something that does not happen long enough naturally in our part of Florida to put them in the ground.

Blessings Kelsie
Unknown said…
LOVE the bright pink tulips going up the walkway against the dark gray of the house. Stunning :)
Nancy said…
Beautiful. Such an inviting and charming walkway.

Happy Pink Saturday!
Magical no flowers here in NE yet HPS!
Anonymous said…
I would love to walk up to YOUR front door... such lovely blooms! Lucky you! Happy PS..... :)
Ricki Treleaven said…
How gorgeous, Tracie! I needed to see something pretty for a change! Thanks so much for posting your gorgeous tulips.
NanE said…
Beautiful! I love tulips, especially PINK! TFS, Nan
Unknown said…
Wow, you've got some gorgeous pinks! I'm hoping my husband will take me out tomorrow to see if there's any tulips left in the fields now that our big tulip festival is over for the year!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!
Lynn said…
Oh what a delightful entrance to your home, the beautiful fence and gate and the walk way lined with those beautiful pink tulips. So charming. Love all your other pink flowers and plants too. Blessings.
Just beautiful--I have bergenia as well and although it is pretty much done blooming for the year it always makes me happy to see those pink flowers so early in the season!

Athena at Minerva's Garden
LindyLouMac said…
Your garden is looking delightful in pink.
Sylvia said…
Absolutely Breathtaking...the fence is super cute, I would definetly want to visit your garden if I was walking by. LOL

g.suzie said…
You are definately in the 'pink'!
Love all you stunning pink flowers!
What a cheerful sight!
Linda said…
Beautiful photos here!!
So happy to have found you to follow!

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