One more find…

Remember earlier this week I shared with you my visit to 2nd Saturdayz?  Well there was “one more find” I mentioned that I would share with you…

So when I opened up the back of my SUV – my husband looked at me and shook his head & said……”are you serious? that thing is huge! what is it?”

I said – “never mind what it is – isn’t it just so cool…look at the fabulous chippy paint and character its going to bring to the kitchen….it’s so unique and charming”.  Mind you, this scale’s measurements are 30” high, 18.5 wide and 21” deep. and very very heavy. Still looking at me like I’m nuts – he carries it into the kitchen and set in the only location not restricting us to height due to cabinets above. 



Always being supportive of my purchases and I don’t believe he’s ever complained once about what I bring home, he honestly doesn’t say a word. However, as we both stepped back to ‘admire’ my purchase, he started to giggle & said – “Honey, I believe this is your first fail”…”just too big for the counter and takes up too much space” & then he said, “Can I be honest, it looks like a toilet bowl”…. I stood for a while wondering – is it just because it’s new & we aren’t used to having something sit there?  Really, a toilet bowl?

After staring for a very long time trying to make this piece adjust to the vision I thought I’d see in my counter – I finally admitted defeat. 

He was relieved when I asked him to move the now infamous “toilet bowl” into the corner next to the kitchen hutch… Haven’t decided what to do with it, where to put it & if I should even keep it.  I do love it though – with all the charm and character it carries…


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xoxo, tracie


Hey I think It is fabulous. a great find. Maybe it is too big for the kitchen counter but I am sure it can be put on a stand somewhere and used for display. You can have odd objects displayed with it, or plants etc...,
don't give up
AntiqueChase said…
How about outdoors with a plant on it? I see scales used outdoors all the time. I love that look!!!
What a cool scale. Love it!

Unknown said… hubby would have probably said that piece!
Unknown said…
I love it! I saw one just last week in pristine perfect condition here in OKC, but they wanted over $400.00 for it. Waaay out of my price range. I think that maybe you should sit a large tureen with a plant on it or maybe a cake stand with a cloche and something under that. After you display something on it, I bet it will look more in proportion. I wish I could remember the blog that I saw one on. She had it, I believe on her buffet and it looked so cute!
Unknown said…
I love it! If you love it you will find a place for it. Sometimes it takes a while. The problem is he will have to help you move it everytime finding it's home.
Enjoy your day~KarenSue
Sherry Hicks said…
I love it the chippy paint colors are amazing! I do hope you find a spot as it truly is beautiful toilet bowl no, but finding the right spot is important. This is a treature of a find though!
I think it's very cool...never claim defeat!! You'll find the perfect spot for it... I see it by some wicker seating with a plant or flowers on it. It's a neat vintage find:) Hope you had a happy Easter!
Homeroad said…
I like it, and if it makes you feel any better... my husband would have said the same thing!
Anonymous said…
Before I saw Antique Chase's comment, my thoughts were the same as she mentioned, for outdoors as a plant stand or on a gardening type bench.

I love the character of it. It's wonderful!
Ricki Treleaven said…
This scale is so cool! What a great find. And you are right! The patina is fantastic! What was wrong with keeping it on the counter in the first picture? Does it take-up too much space there or something, because it needs to be more at eye level for everyone to be able to see and enjoy it!
Pamela Gordon said…
That's an awesome scale! Why not sit it on an old wood kitchen stool sitting right where it is now. That would bring it up in height. Don't give it up just yet. Blessings, Pamela
I was thinking outdoors too like AntiqueChase said. I can picture it with a plant on it.
Unknown said…
oh that was funny! Gotta love mr. fishtail! i love's unique and yes, "cool." BUT..where to put it?? maybe on the porch with a pretty plant on it??
I'd get some sort of stand to put it on... and keep it in my kitchen! I love it and actually this would be something my husband would love! Very cool!

Anonymous said…
My husband would have had a lot more to say than that, and it would not have been so eloquently put.

You have a good man!
Unknown said…
What a fabulous find! Lucky you ... out on the porch in the summer, inside on the counter decorated for the holidays in the winter ...
Have a beautiful week ~
lol he sounds like my husband!;)
I think it is a great piece~ I love the idea of putting it outside with a plant on it~
We should meet up at Second saturdayz sometime? My favorite ladies from the antique shop Whimsical Whites sell there~

French Farmhouse 425
Love it! Find a vase or watering can and fill it with flowers; large scale...and put it on the base! Think is would be GREAT. Maybe leave it in the corher where you have it to brighten up that area? Can't wait to see what you come up with :)
Your mister sounds like my mister! I am glad you brought it home and I'm sure you will find many ways to use and display it! I recently passed on one and have big buyers regret!
Sandi said…
That is big isn't it Tracie! lol I am sure you will find something fabulous to do with it. Outside in a garden spot if nowhere else??
My hubby sounds a lot like yours. He doesn't care what I schlep home, but once in awhile he shakes his head and laughs. :)
Karie said…
I think it is a great find. I think I would put it in the garden. Thanks for sharing. Karie
Unknown said…
Oh I want.... what a great find...

missshawna said…
I am SO jealous!! You will find a place for it. Maybe with a big fern or basket of dried hydrangeas. Wish I would stumble across one of these.
Hi Tracie
I think your vintage scale would look quite nice in the garden. Acutally, I'm surprised that one of these old things is still kicking around but someone must have felt attached to it.
Cynthia said…
omg!!! a vintage scale I have been telling my sister I want an old candy store scale to display and she thinks I am nuts. Wow!! love this. I found your blog via Emerald Cove! I will be back!
Heidi said…
ditto most everyone else ~ if it is too big to be inside, I think outside is the way to go. I have a couple of vintage scales outside on a "potting bench" shelf ~ mine aren't that large, but outside you won't have the space restrictions...very very cool!
Anne said…
Fantastic find, wow wow wow!
Debra said…
Wow! I think it is so cool. I don't see the toilet thing but my husband probably would have said the same thing. :) I think I would live with it for a while. Move it around. Inspiration will some as time goes on.
Susan Freeman said…
I think it's a great piece. Perhaps you just need to live with it a bit and then the ideal spot will come to mind.

Susan and Bentley
Since it's pretty big, what about putting it in a corner somewhere where you could still enjoy it. Laundry room, mudroom? If the surface is large enough, it might make a great place to sit a plant.
It simply needs something to put on it, it's a fab scale, but is large, perhaps beside your hutch sitting on a vintage end table, then add a basket of flowers. I like it though, and the paint pretty cool.
Pam Kessler said…
Too funny! I think it is gorgeous, but it is huge. I can picture it on a vintage metal stool with a basket or plant on it. You really could play tricks on your husband with this. Place it on the coffee table for a few days. Maybe the middle of the kitchen table? Bathroom?
Heaven's Walk said…
LOL! I can just hear my hubby saying the exact same thing!! lol! But I can certainly see why you love the chippiness and the beautiful patina. I agree with the other gals. Keep it around a while and continue to move it around - inside and out. You'll find a good spot for her! :)

xoxo laurie
Oh what a fabulous scale. I love it. I can't wait to see all the wonderful vignettes you create on it. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty
Tammy @ Type A said…
so cool! love it.

thanks for sharing this at my party! would you like to be a guest blogger this summer? i'm doing one guest post per monday for the next few months. thanks!!!
I love it!!!
what a great find.
I always bring things home and then they have to sit awhile to wait for them to take their place.
It will fit eventually, it called to you for a reason
Awesome scale! Great with a plant, maybe in the utility room, a patio, etc.?!

Happy White Wednesday!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents
Unknown said…
It's a fabulous scale! And I'm not even prejudiced that you bought it at our Market!!! ;) ;) Just live with it for awhile, it will evolve to just the right spot. It was perfect for the enamel bowl filled with goose eggs! Perfectly Farmhouse! Those boys in our lives...they can't help it, they just don't get it ;) Don't miss 2nd Saturdayz May 14th in Snohomish!!!! It's going to be Good Junking!

deb @ Garden Party
I LOVE it! You have to keep it! How about out in the garden?
Arabella said…
It is so FABULOUS! Like several others recommended, I can see it outdoors with plants growing on it. Hope you're having a great week.
Unknown said…
Mwa Ha ha....I love it toilet bowl shape and all! It is so pretty! I think it would fit better in my all white kitchen! (hint hint...)

~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage
Suzanne said…
Oh Tracie, This cracked me up!!! I would've done the same but I don't think my husband would have even helped me get it out of the truck. Great guy you have there:) I hope you find space for it...very cool!
Marguerite said…
I kinda love it, despite it's huge size. It just needs the right kitchen to be in. I wouldn't feel too badly about bringing something odd home, you have to try and who knows, sometimes it works. Nothing can compare to the antique dentists chair my hubby brought home one day. What he was thinking?! It looks like some kind of torture implement (oh right, it was!). Now living in the basement as we haven't a clue what to do with it.
Noble Vintage said…
I love it. I think I remember seeing pictures of those old timey scales in grocery/mercantile stores. Maybe on the Waltons? LOL! I think it would be super cool if you used it outside for a bar setup- put a big tub on the base with some icy beverages? thanks for sharing this at Transformations and Treasures!
Nice chippy find..I am still making rounds for W.W.Thank you for sharing,beautiful blog and post.
bj said…
Great Balls of Fire...this is a FABULOUS piece...and you can pretty well bet no one else will have one like it. :)
If you love it a lot, I know you will find just the right thing to do with it.
Be sure to show us, when you do.
xo bj
It's a keeper with that patina. When you find the right spot there will be nothing else better.


Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio
Love It! Let it set for awhile, it will speak to You, but I do love the idea of a Big Fern in an Old Crock.... can't wait to see where it ends up! Great Treasure~
It's a gorgeous piece. I have one too, not quite that big, and I had to put it downstairs in our bar area. I like the idea about outside with a plant on it. But most important, have fun! Thanks so much for linking up with VIF! xo Debra
WOW! What an incredible find! I was thinking about how fantastic it would look outside maybe converted into some sort of planter? I see that you have had some really great ideas from other folks too and we are just so thrilled that you shared this with us last weekend at Inspiration Friday!
P.S. We are still making our visiting rounds so sorry this comment is a little late in coming! :-)
Anonymous said…
I am even later getting around. If my computer ran faster I could look and see if you posted about this again.
I am sure my DH would have opened his mouth BEFORE even taking it out of the van.

I guess it all depends upon what you paid for it.
Maybe you can make some money AND make someone else very very happy.

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