Working on the Coop area…


coop addition


So here is my dream coop…seems reasonable enough right & not to over the top?  I’ve had this photo hanging from my Inspiration frames so I stay the course!




Here is what I am starting with…



A few goodies that I have picked up over the past few months to use in my coop area are this sweet chippy bench and I’m sure you all remember this bench from my Second Saturdayz post? Well it looks like it’s found a home up here too!


This bistro set that I found all rusted, so I sanded and repainted. Never enough places to sit at Fishtail Cottage, so this is a great addition.


a few accessories to make it my own!


and more to photo’s come to share with you where my sweet girls will live as it progresses!!! Thanks for visiting & check out to see where I am linking up to this week!!!!

xoxo, Tracie


Anonymous said…
Very pretty things! Love the chandy and that teal roof bird feeder. Oh, and I am loving that bistro table too. I've always wanted one, but never had one of my own. Maybe someday.
awal.ny said…
I think you have a great start. Can't wait to see it all put together.
Kathy said…
This is going to be terrific - love chickens in the garden! You can't have too many places in the garden for seating!
Hope you have a great week
Erin said…
LOVE that coop!!! And I do love your smaller version too! Great finds you have there!
Donna Reyne' said…
You are off to a fabulous start! What fun!

Thnx for the update...Getting excited now.

Blessings Kelsie
Your coop looks great and so does all your outside decor!
Unknown said…
i think you're off to a lovely start! it's going to eb gorgeous...i an tell!
I can't wait to see it all pulled together, all your pieces look wonderful. Love the Bistro set too. tami
Betty said…
So many pretty things and the coop looks like it will look pretty too. Can't wait to see what else you have done.
Burlap Luxe said…
Hey Ms. "T" I hear you with holding on to those photos,I love yours just as much, and you can build around it as well as move it to a better location if need be :)

It would be a great start for me as well, I have been wanting to add to my Garden with a coop!
I have a picture of where they took a garden shed and turned it into a coop with a shabby white chandelier hanging inside of it it took my shabby heart!

Are you going to paint it white? Or that beautiful gray that is resting on your cottage home? You could then trim it in white, and add your touch to it :)

Amy Chalmers said…
you have such great garden things! i would love to have chickens too, but think my dog would not allow it!
xinex said…
Everything looks so pretty, Tracie. My favorites are the bistro set and the candelabra with crystal droplets. Your coop will look wonderful for sure. I would love to link with your garden party...Christine
You've got some great pieces to work with...can't wait to see!!
The coop you're building looks pretty fantastic to me. ANd it's on wheels--how practical! Looking forward to following your progress.
Unknown said…
Everything is soooo pretty! I'm working on something similar for myself!
Ormolulu said…
Off to a good start on your project, Tracie! You are one busy lady (can't believe you have 6 kids!). So nice to see you and Melaine at 2nd Saturdayz--looks like you got some great goodies, too. Thanks for stopping by!!


P.S. My next show is on Whidbey Island May 28 & 29 at Greenbank Farm . . . going to be a very special, intimate experience with unbelievably cool junk!
Unknown said…
very cool must be nice to have fresh eggs. how many chicks will live in there?
Donna said… minds must think alike! Hubby and I just did a look over of our coop which is in the barn. We are working on re-vamping and cleaning it and making sure the critters can't get it.

Love your photos. Now that is an absolutely amazing coop! My chickens coop will be much humbler..but it will have a 'chicken' cam and a baby monitor. I'm so tired of providing 'forest fast food' for the neighboring predators. Sigh..

Have you had chickens before? I've raised lots though I knew nothing about five years ago. I so miss my hens!

Beautiful bench and other finds. Your garden must look like paradise!

Oh my goodness, I stumbled across you puttering around in Faded Charm's blog! I love the gallery of coops! I'm thinking I need to do a coop this summer. You've inspired me!
Lindy said…
I think your "starter" coop is just wonderful! So cute!
Anne said…
Oh,I love it! A chicken dream house, yay! Can't wait to see it.
Lydia said…
You definitely know how to have fun. Keep it up!
Unknown said…
I wish I could have a chicken coop in my back yard , You are going to be very happy with it. Can't wait to see the finish of your beautiful back yard...

Unknown said…
How lucky to be able to have chickens? I visit a farm friend twice a week and they have a Turkey farm along with the main dairy business..but I always love to see the turkeys...wish they had chickens too. That would be so much fun. Love your coop...
This is going to be one amazing chicken coop and very elegant. I am looking forward to the reveal.
Kathy said…
Good for you, wonderful post I really enjoyed it, good luck
Love it all, and that coop inspiration is wonderful!! So many great projects that you've put together. thanks so much for linking up with VIF! I'll be emailing you, I just saw that you won my necklace at Faded Charm! xoxo Debra

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