Anna May & Pearl…

Sharing two new additions to Fishtail Cottage; Anna May & Pearl.  Both are 8 week old Silkie Chicks to add to Daisy & Josie’s hen house. 


Most would say it would be a good idea to wait till the coop is completed and the other chicks were re-homed. It’s just really hard for me to be patient when an opportunity to arises not to jump at the chance to see my “vision” come to fruition.  They really are the perfect addition wouldn’t you say? I am hoping the coop is at the end stages of completion soon.


I have shared with you many fantastic finds for the area. Just patiently waiting for the completion of the building process so I can get my collection of goodies all in their place.  What was to be a ‘weekend expansion’ has turned into a five week project… can you tell I am a bit anxious to see what it will  al look like?

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Jordyn said…
So cute! I would LOVE to have a chicken coop in my garden someday! It's on the wish list!
Larry said…
How very cool! Larry
Oh they are the cutest chickens I have ever seen! I love them.

La said…
They are adorable. I love their little plumes on their heads. They look like Vegas showgirls. :o)
Donna said…
Hi Tracie, Long time no see! Oh..I so ADORE your silkies. Mine got eaten by possoms. Aren't they the sweetest little things. Sadly, mine had a hard time getting away from predators. Their roost had to be closer to the ground than my other chickens.

Love your photos!
Donna said…
BTW, Tracie, I wanted to apologize for not doing a post to link up with you lately. There just hasn't been enough time to do a daily post this last month or so. Hopefully, I can link up flowers from our flower garden that I included in my tea party. I've put a link to your Thursday garden party on it.

Lovely sweet chickens!
Burlap Luxe said…
Tracie, They are such cute names My Hannah had a cat named Josie! and your Anna May is the real birth name for Tina Turner the queen of soul music...I can see the wild hair on both of them.
I love there crazy fluff onto pf there heads, they are soooo cute! can we say chickens a cute? Well I did and i'm not going to back down, they really are cute chicks!

There gray and white feathers are so our colours we would chose :) and they match your house, you will have to paint the coop gray and white to match them :)

Can't wait to see there home completed :)

I want to get some of my own, maybe soon!

Love all that you are passionate over.

see you soon
Naturally Carol said…
They are beautiful. I think it's a good idea to get them before the big move for all your hens into their new house. There will be enough stress just moving and this way they can get to know each other before then..while they are all so young as well.
Debbie said…
Beautiful chickens and home. I will certainly enjoy your blog. I'm glad you found my Facebook page.
Your chicks are absolutely precious! Their little plumes are adorable. And I can't wait to see photos of your coop. Very sweet post!
Darla said…
They are adorable.
Leslie said…
sooo cute! I love the names! We have a white dove named Pearl ~

Have a great day!!
they are the sweetest additions. no wonder you couldn't resist them.
Julie Marie said…
Oh Tracie... Ana May and Pearl are just gorgeous!... I want chickies sooo bad!... xoxo Julie Marie
stefanie said…
ahhhhhhhh, they are sooo pretty!!!
These chicks are so pretty...will they stay all silky and fluffy like this?

SLR said…
they are just fluffy cuteness!! i want some chicks ...
Unknown said…
So cute! Adoreable.
NCSue said…
They're adorable! What kind of chickens are they?

BTW - stop by my place on Thursday for a new hop, "I'm THANKFUL ON THURSDAY! It begins 7/28/11.
OMGosh they are so cute and I would not be able to say no to taking them home either.

Blessings Kelsie

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