My Week with Snow & Gorgeous Bracelet Winner

So one snow day was fine, but five was a little over-doing it for me!  The kids loved it & of course loved not having school for the entire week ~ me, I am like the Disney story book “The Penguin who hated the cold”.  I layer myself with sweat pants, tee’s, sweatshirts blankets & any other means of staying warm.  I of course peek out the window at all the fun everyone is having…but I have more fun indoors! 

I shared with you a photo’s earlier this week of the beauty of the snow on the ground.  However, the snow did not stop for days ~ in all I believe we had approximately a foot of snow…which for some doesn’t’ sound like much, but for this part of Washington State is far more than the couple inches now and then that we are used to.  Because of the moisture – the base of the snow turns wet, which means under what seems like powdery snow is ice underneath.  Which also means ice on our trees and shrubs under the snow that makes very large trees snap in half – which wipes out power lines & many families are have been without power for days. 

Yesterday when I woke up I looked out the window to find my neighbors large cedar tree had fallen into our back yard nearly missing my chicken coop.

My sweet husband went out and was trying to shake all of the snow off of the trees that he could reach to prevent any more trees from falling on our side.


Thankful that no damage to the coop was done, but the garden space that I worked so hard on behind the coop is now crushed by the tree.  I’m mostly disappointed in losing my newly planted pink snowbell tree.  So I took photo’s to share with you Summer 2011 garden photo’s and what those areas look like today…

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Okay ~ now to Congratulate Amy over at Maison Décor … you are the lucky winner to choose a bracelet of your choice that was graciously donated by “From Our Hands to Your Home”. Looking forward Amy to seeing what you choose!


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What a difference a few months makes! Enjoy your wintry weekend! And congrats to Amy! ♥
Unknown said…
The images are stunning. I love how you showed the "before and after" shots!!!

Congrats to Amy.
Amy Chalmers said…
Oh wow! Thank you for the bracelet!~how nice! Loved your wintery pics~
Pamela Gordon said…
Snow is beautiful but as you know, can be damaging with it's weight. I can't believe you have that much snow there - more than we do! Great before and after photos. Soon it will be gone. Have a good weekend! Pamela
Tammy said…
Your chicken coop is such a beautiful part of your garden. I have always wanted chickens, but I can barely keep up with all i have to take care of now...maybe in about 20 years when I retire ;)
Susie said…
Great photos...Hope your garden isn't beyond repair. Love you blog site. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)
The white snow is pretty, but I like the green better!

Congratulations Amy!
Thank goodness it didn't hit the coop. Those trees were very big. Hopefully no more fall. Take care and stay warm. Di
Unknown said…
Hi Tracie!

Beautiful pictures! I think I may know who has a sweet little chandelier, I'll let you know. I'm sorry bout your tree ;/

Melty slushy hug,
Pondside said…
That is just so sad - to lose the smallest plant is hard. I hope that when everything melts you'll find that you don't have much damage. It is pouring rain now, on top of all the snow. Tomorrow we'll be living in a skating rink!
So glad the tree didn't hit your coop. We're expecting up to 9 inches of the white stuff. I love looking at it way more than dealing with it. Beautiful photos.
Hi Tracie
I just love your walkway up to the gate. The garden is pretty all year round.
Michelle said…
SO glad it didn't hit your adorable chicken coop! Crazy weather!
HI Tracie! I am so sorry that your garden got squished by the snow and ice. I know what that is like (not that my gardens look anything near as spectacular as yours do) but come spring, it will all be gone and everything will pop up again and looks gorgeous! Hang in there and stay warm! Have a great weekend! xoxo, Leena
pballard said…
Congrats to Amy! Enjoy the weekend..
Wow, what a lot of snow...hang in there! Great photos!
Oh what a difference from one season to another. They are both beautiful,but it is sad the tree damaged your garden. At least noone was injured.

Congratulations Amy
xx jeanetteann
Yikes ... thankfully your chicken coop was spared but I feel for you about losing some of your garden, which, by the way, is absolutely STUNNING in bloom. Congratulations to Amy!!! Fear not ... spring isn't too far off now.
Sandi said…
Congratulations to the winner!! I am sure she is thrilled. :)

We got snow last night and I am getting to be less of a snow person the older I get. ha!
Dru said…
Oh My - I hope all your lovely plantings are not ruined. Thank you for visiting and I'm sorry I did not have those tags in my shop yet - however, here is a link if you are interested

Take care and Happy Pink Saturday to you ~ I'm enjoying your blog, Dru
Ormolulu said…
Wow, that was a close call, Tracie--so glad the coop is intact!!!! (Plants are easier to replace.)

Wish you could come to the VINTAGE MARKET at the Tacoma Home & Garden Show . . . I've been planning for weeks!!!!

xo D.
reFresh reStyle said…
That's a lot of snow! Love the coop and I'm glad there was no damage!
Love your before and after photos-what a difference a few months makes. Glad your coop is OK-so inviting with the gardens. We had our first snow today here on Long Island.
d e l i g h t said…
I like the contrast between the before and after pictures. I live in Arizona and our winters are so mild that sometimes I wish for snow! Thanks so much for your visit!
Lydia said…
Brrrr! But what a lovely rest snow is. Rain is not a good enough excuse to stay inside when the bones are creeking and squeeking.
Florence said…
It was nice to see the contrast! We can look forward to nice warm spring! Florence
I wonder if maybe the plants will survive under there. I hope you can salvage some of them. My nephew who lives up there just got power back today.
Anonymous said…
so different and beautiful.

Usmle Step 1
Debra Howard said…
love the contrasted pictures. Great idea! Oh how I wish we would get some snow, rain, anything wet to help end this drought here in Texas!
Nice idea to post before and after shots.
Joyce M
Anonymous said…
What beautiful captures of mood and weather.
Jessica said…
Wow, what a difference! I am sure your garden will appreciate all that snow come spring time.

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