I couldn’t help it…

There is just something about her shop…something that keeps me coming back for more…something is always beautiful that I can’t live without…or is it her dreamy creation? is it the box that I anxiously await to see how the goodies inside are packaged?
Whatever the addiction is, I’m not complaining…it only brings more romantic beauty and charm into Fishtail Cottage.  I recently was peeking around her store and found two more beautiful photo holders I just had to add to my collection.
And while I was there, I thought I’d just add a few little extra pretties to my order that I’ve been eyeing in her Etsy store for quite sometime now…
Have you figured out who “she” is? Have you figured out which Etsy Store I am speaking of?  Do you too have an addiction to her creations?  Well, we could start our own support group so that none of us miss out on her newest creation – only problem I see is we’d have to beat each other to make the purchase…haha
Hope you enjoyed peeking around the post and please ~ if you have a minute go visit both Michelle’s Blog, My Petite Maison and her Etsy Store!
To see what I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie
PS - Fishtail Cottage is now on Facebook


NanaDiana said…
What beautiful THINGS you found there. I am trying to be so good and NOT buy more STUFF...but I will say that she makes me WANT to buy MORE!

I hope you have a wonderful week~ xo Diana
Ricki Treleaven said…
The little photo holders look like you and your style, Tracie! LOVE them. :D

Ricki Jill
Unknown said…
what an amaaaazign way to start my week...with a big ol' smile on my face put there by the sweet-as-pie Tracie! ;) merci mon amie...i'm BEAMING!! ;)
Cynthia said…
What great finds. Enjoy.
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie... I just ordered some vintage French playing cards from her... her shop is stunning, thanks for introducing us to her!... love your photo holders!... that is next on my list... xoxo Julie Marie
So pretty Tracie! Looking forward to seeing you saturday!! xo
Judith Tetley said…
Oh My!!! I haven't been there, but I am going NOW! Thankyou for pointing the way.
Kind Regards

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