12 Gifts for Gardeners ... Day #1

I first fell in love with Jessica's art when I saw her Rose Study Wall Hanging on a mutual friends Instagram feed. As soon as I saw it I just had to have it and ordered it from her Etsy store, it arrived within a week and was so pleased with how quickly it arrived, the packaging was darling and even better the Rose Study Print was perfect for where I hung it.  I never showed it to you at the time because I was still recovering from surgery and  my computers hard drive decided to quit leaving me without a computer till just recently. 

With Christmas time approaching, I thought it might be fun to start the season off sharing my own personal wish list. of course if it was summertime, I could share my favorite garden plants, however, it is winter here in the Pacific Northwest and our love for all things gardening doesn't just stop at flowers outside, right!

After talking to a few crafty friends that wanted to participate in this idea, I reached out to a few more businesses and found this to idea to be unique and exciting to so many... I finally had to cap the interest at just twelve items, I as a gardener would love to be gifted this upcoming Christmas....

So today I am sharing my first idea of the season is this gorgeous ~ Limited Edition 2015 Conifer Study Print

As soon as Jessica introduced it in her Etsy Store, I had to have it as part of my Christmas decor. I hung in pace of my Rose Study print ~ what do you think?

I pictured the wall hanging with a "found" Charlie Brown tree, but when I couldn't find one, I settled on snipping a branch that looked like one....in the process of trudging around through a icy and wooded area yesterday morning, I managed to fall on the ice breaking my right arm wrist...can you believe it??? Just after getting the use back of my left hand!  But most of you understand the risks we must take to capture what we see in our heads...

Jessica has generously offered the Conifer Study (8x10) to one lucky follower of  Fishtail Cottage Blog.

How to enter: (each comment is an entry)

1. Follow Fishtail Cottage on Blogger.
2. Follow Fishtail Cottage on Instagram.
3. Follow Vol25 on Instagram
4. Go to her Etsy Store and share your favorite art print.

Winner will be announced this Friday December 4th
I've extended the announcement dates till Tuesday December 8th for all three of this weeks giveaways!!!

 Best of luck everyone! xoxo, tracie


HeatherF1 said…
I love the conifer print- but they all are really great!
Oh, that is awful about your wrist!! I have to say I just love the whole shop but the Conifer study is my favorite. I have always loved pinecones and it just says woodland cabin to me! What a great giveaway!
Unknown said…
Thank you so much for the chance to win,and my favorite is the conifers. I am sorry to hear about your wrist hope it gets better soon and i do know what you mean although i have never broken anything i am always getting big old bruises or cuts that i can't remember how it happened cause it wasn't important at the time. Have a great day.
Mindy said…
Well hello there! Oh my gosh, you poor thing! Sounds like something I would have done! ;)
I'm a Bloglovin' follower. :)
Mindy said…
I love, love, love botanical prints. I'd have a heck of a time choosing one, but the conifers or mistletoe would be fun for the holidays.
I love this corner, it's just perfect. What a beautiful print!! So sweet of you to do this giveaway. I already follow you :))

And I follow you on IG!! I'm off to check out Jessica!

Following Jessica now! Beautiful work she has.
I love the Rose Study Vol 1 the most. Beautiful work Jessica does!
Shannon said…
How beautiful! I follow you on blogger
Shannon said…
I follow you on instagram
Shannon said…
I don't know how to choose one favorite but it's either the Rose Study Vol 1 or Peony Study
Shannon said…
I'm following Vol25 on Instagram

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