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Happy 2017 Everyone! 

I am totally willing to skip this time of the year! Some people say the worst time of the year is the week between Christmas and New Years. Personally, the most difficult time for me is the extended time between New Years and Spring. 
We have finally taken down all of the Christmas decorating and the house is almost back to pre-holiday organization.  I intend on reorganizing several closets and cabinets to keep me busy until I can get back out in the garden.  Would love to hear any plans you have to spark a good idea to do when I cross everything off my current list.

For a few years, I've been interested in creating a book of flowers that I host in my garden landscape. I have never intended it to be more than my own coffee table book to flip through and remind me of what will be again during this time of year.  I wonder if someday I will actually figure out how to put this little dream of mine into play - I love looking back at old photo's on my Blog, Facebook and Instagram to see what my garden will once again look like in a few months. I just keep thinking I should "wait just one more year" to see the landscape just a little more mature. 

Recently, I thought it would be fun to print a bunch of my square photo's and fill a newly purchased vintage bread bowl that I bought from Through the Porthole. I asked around for recommendations where I can print from Instagram and finally decided to try Social Print Studio. Not sure what to expect, I anxiously waited for the order to arrive, and honestly more than pleased with my purchase.  So much so, that I want to share with you my amazing experience. 

The photo's were super easy to upload through their site.  Shipping price was reasonable and the delivery was quick. When my package arrived, I immediately opened it to find sets of individual packages of 24 hard cardstock of my beautiful photos.  Packaging is important, don't you think?

You can see that the color is pretty rich in this photo below, and the quality of the photo seems to depend on weather it was a photo taken with my camera or my phone.  Obviously the ones with my camera were higher quality.  I had an iPhone 6 before, so I can only assume the portrait setting on my iPhone 7 plus will be even more amazing this upcoming summer. 

My sweet little vision of filling up my wooden bread bowl of my garden flower photo's and landscape has been fun. I set it on our great room coffee table this past week.
Our family has enjoyed going through the garden photo's and our friends who have been over wanted to do something similar with their family photo's.  My daughters want some for their rooms to hang on the wall with the starry lights we used at Christmas time.

I reached out to Social Print Studio and they offered to give my friends $5 towards prints - a great deal!

How it works:
SAVE $5 on your order using code   0TRACIUDC6


Stacey said…
Only a gardener would understand how much joy you will get from looking at those pictures. I would love to do the same thing!
Gina said…
Why not have a calendar printed with your beautiful flower photos. They make beautiful gifts. Mine just arrived. They were printed by Vistaprint. The quality is superb...they looked even better than the originals and they are having a sale.
I have also used my garden flowers for a little book of my hand painted ceramics. The books were printed by Blurb. Again, excellent quality and so much fun to say "I have been published."
Unknown said…
Your pictures are all so lovely. I follow you on IG and read your blog. I also live in WA and love seeing pictures of your beautiful garden. What a great idea to print pictures for your coffee table. I may give it a go.
Thanks, Betsy
I think a tabletop book published with photos of your garden and the flowers would be amazing. For now, photos in a large bowl invites guests to sift through them and enjoy.
Love this Tracie! Your prints are gorgeous... and such a great idea to have them out in your dough bowl. I'd love to do this idea with family vacation pics and some of home too. I hope to order soon! It's on my (mental :) list now. Thanks! Xo, ~julie

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