Fishtail Cottage has a new look…

I can’t believe it has already been two years since I began blogging.  I am so grateful for all of my friends I have met through my blog, my facebook page, etsy shop, pinterest and the boutiques I have come across.  The entire process of this journey has truly changed my life!


Yes, Fishtail Cottage’s Blog has a new look! I have I first want to say thank you for all of the fantastic Feedback…I certainly appreciate every ounce that was given over the course of the past couple days. I was even given a new header from Brooke over Creative Country Mom’s Garden.  She used what I had posted yesterday and made it much more “ME”! Which started me on a new course relabeling my side bar links and photo’s, which then adding, removing and reorganizing again.  But I think I am finally happy with the way it looks. I really enjoyed sprucing up and changing a few things after the same format and pictures for the past two years.  I’m hoping ya’ll are able to navigate more freely.

newholidayI tried to simplify my blog with the buttons on the side bar with links to posts that I think you enjoy the most.  Easy access to what you are interested in.  If you can’t find what you are looking for ~ you can always use the “Search” button to look for anything that interests you by using a key word in the space. 

If you don’t blog, but like to keep up on my journaling of what is going on over here at Fishtail Cottage ~ you can “Follow by Email” by entering your email address in the blank space.

newpartyAt the top of my blog sits the new “Garden Party” button! It’s ready for next May 2013. I can’t wait for that time of year (it’s my favorite).

If you scroll down to the end of the Lastest Blog post (by date) ~ I located my “Link Parties” Button that I may be joining.  Also including a link to the parties within each and every post.  I found early on that I forgot to link to so many parties and missed out on all the fun.  linksI also found out that if I didn’t link back within each and every post I got kicked out of some parties…I like my button because I don’t miss anything. If you know of a great party that I should add – DON’T forget to let me know. However, if you don’t like me participating this way ~ PLEASE let me know that also!


My about me has been updated as well, along with a recent picture (always hate myself in photo’s) ~ as many people have requested to put a face to my name! You can now now all my favorites.

imageLove love love Pinterest & yes, you can still follow me. I generally end up following your boards too ~ I think it’s just one big cycle of appreciating one another's style!  Nice it (usually) gives credit where credit is due!

imageI added more pictures to my Etsy Store so you can see more of what I have now. 

A lot of you check in to see how my friend is doing. So 49535_100000173079178_1920_n[1]I have asked my girlfriend Ashley to update her story…she is truly an amazing advocate for staying out of the sun and avoiding tanning beds.  I’ll keep you posted when she rewrites her story. 

Of course I still list some of my favorite blogs ~ all are located on my side bar as well. I myself love to scroll through and browse what you are up to!  imageI look forward to seeing your posts and am always truly inspired by each of you.  I apologize that I don’t always leave comments ~ I am usually browsing at night time and the ipad didn’t have a keyboard.  Now that I have a MS Surface (which I love by the way) I should start being better about this!

  • One more extra that I finally have stopped ‘talking about’ and now pursuing is Sponsors on my blog.  I have found that this really is a JOB that I have created for myself. If you are interested in ADVERTISING here on Fishtail Cottage – please contact me at
  • I of course love to help promote YOU! if you are up for giving something away…I am happy to do that as well!  just send me an email  I always have so much fun doing a GIVEAWAY!

imageI had to put my Google followers to the bottom of my page.  Too many people coming and going and I worry about what I do right for some, yet what I do wrong which makes others want to leave.  I blog because it’s a fantastic journal about what is going on here at Fishtail Cottage and what I blog about will always be changing.  A new adventure I plan to add to my life this upcoming 2013 year will be to cook dinners for my family!  Wish me luck, they I need it.

So glad you came over to check up on me!  Looking forward to another fantastic year of Blogging with all of you! To see where else I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie

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Pamela Gordon said…
Tracie, your blog looks great. I love the new header!
Your blog looks great, Tracie.
Good luck on the cooking, sweet friend... I'll definitely stay tuned!
Love the new look. Great pic of you..we are always our worst critic. Come check out my blog sometime!
Julie Marie said…
It's just stunning my friend!... check your email... I sent you another one about your little pitcher... xoxo Julie Marie
Hi Tracie,
Love your new look. Must say, it is so you! Your picture is just darlin. I love to see what my bloggy friends look like. I have friends that I adore but have no idea what they look like. Great job sweetie!
Your new layout is wonderful...very easy to navigate and pretty, too. Great job! :)

Unknown said…
i absolutely LOVE your new look and all of the changes you've made! so "you!" well done! (and your updated photo is as beautiful as your heart!)
Hi Tracie. Your new setup looks really nice. It is nice to change up once in awhile. Pretty header, and I have to say I had you pictured very differently. Did you have a picture at all on the old setup? If so, I'm sorry I didn't see it. So, see this one is working! Why would you hate yourself in pictures? OMG can't believe that. Now I will see your beautiful face and blonde hair every time I look at my poppies..Happy Thursday..Judy
Mandy said…
Love the new look! I just recently revitalized mine as well. Thanks so much for sharing! Visiting from the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop

it looks wonderful, Tracie, and such an adorable photo of you!!!
NanaDiana said…
Tracie- I think I told you before but I will tell you again-It looks absolutely wonderful. It is bright and cheerful...LOVE the header! It is much easier to navigate and I hope you get lots of sponsors! xo Diana
Unknown said…
The new look is amazing. My blog look is boring me to death and I think it might be time to take some of your advice and change things up.

On another note - HOW COULD YOU HATE YOURSELF IN PICTURES? You are stunning!!

I'm heading outside today to do some late gardening - plant a few bulbs, deadhead and thin some things and put some tender pots away. It's going to be a balmy 50F here! So I need to take advantage of it while we can.
Mindy said…
Looks great! AND - you don't look anything like I had you pictured in my head. Love the addition of the pic.
Good luck with the meals. :o)
Everything looks lovely! I added your shop to my circle today? I know how you feel about those who unfollow. My heart sinks a little when I receive an unsubscribe notice...Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Wishing you a happy weekend. xo
I like your new look, love the header! beautiful picture of you, so don't be hating that one!! One of my next projects is to put category buttons on my blog, so you have inspired me to get this done. Pinterest is my favorite pastime, so I will look you up!
LV said…
I like what you did to your blog. Change is never easy, but it can be good for all of us. You can find yourself in a deep rut and need way out. You are a very pretty young lady.
Hi Tracie! I love your new header and it's so nice to see your beautiful picture! I know what you mean about not liking posting your pic - I am that way too, but you have no reason to be bashful, gorgeous girl! I really enjoyed reading this post with your plans and other info. You know how much I adore your blog and I'm also looking forward to another great year! Thank you too for solving the "what in the world is a surface?" mystery! I'd seen the commercials, saw it click onto an ipad, ok, but what does it do? Not having an ipad, I had no idea it didn't come with a keyboard. So now I'm technologically up to date LOL!I'm off to read your next post. Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo, Leena
Heaven's Walk said…
Hey pretty girl! Love seeing that profile pic of you! And your header is just beautiful! Makes me want to update mine again... :) Great job with the new layout!

xoxo laurie
ileana-carmen said…
Great work and a beautiful blog.
Olivia said…
Oh I love your pretty new look! xo
Pamela said…
Your new look is fab and happy 2 year! Time flies when you are having fun.

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